Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Apple Sales, Graphically

Apple reported their 1st Quarter 2011 financial results. Apple reported record revenue at $26.74 billion. They also reported sales of...
  • 7.33 million iPads
  • 16.24 million iPhones
  • 4.13 million Macs
  • 19.45 million iPods
Apple also reported record net quarterly profit of $6 billion ($6.43 per diluted share).

Below are some sales figures for Mac and iPad (short history) sales

Apple's Mac sales, essentially the only "disappointing" part of this past quarter, grew 23% year over year.

Excerpt from yesterday's conference call

"We established a new quarterly record with sales of 4.13 million Macs, representing 23% growth over the year-ago quarter. That's almost 8x IDC's most recently published estimate of 3% growth for the PC market.

We experienced strong sales growth in each of our geographic segments, with over 50% growth in both the Asia-Pacific region and Japan. The growth was fueled primarily by strong demand for the new MacBook Air, which was launched in October, as well as continued strong sales of MacBook Pro."

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