Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another iPad 2 Case Leaked

There have been a lot of different rumors regarding the external characteristics of the iPad 2, with most of this speculation being based on supposed iPad 2 cases that have surfaced recently. The MICGadget Blog recently posted some photos of a new iPad 2 case with a couple different access holes.

It does makes sense that a micro-USB or mini-HDMI port could be added to the iPad 2 much like the competitors have announced to have included. The locations of the additional holes in this iPad 2 case may be suspect as some have reported these ports will be located elsewhere on the iPad 2.

From MICGadget:
The iPad 2 fits perfectly in this case. When Herman and I heard that, we asked the sales, really? And the sales said, of course! While there are still lots of question marks above our head, we are actually guessing something. The upper-middle hole could be made for HDMI or mini-HDMI port, and the upper-left hole is for SD card slot. Sounds crazy, huh?

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