Saturday, January 1, 2011

36 Million iPads in 2011

Apple is expected to maintain its dominant position in the tablet market with the iPad, even though the iPad 2 is still merely speculation. It appears to be the consensus that the more quickly that the iPad 2 is made available...the better for Apple. A major upgrade to the iPad 2, followed by a price-drop on the current iPad will help Apple maintain their 90% market dominance in tablet computing.

According to analyst Robert Cihra (Caris & Co.)

“iPad not only launched with phenomenal early uptake but effectively sent all wannabes back to the drawing board, delaying most competitive tablet launches well into CY11. Yet we now already look forward to the first iPad 2 refresh in March. An enormous multi-year opportunity, we continue to view iPads less about the ‘product’ but rather igniting an explosion toward ‘thin-client’ Access computing.”

The overall expectation is the tablet computer sales will more than triple in 2011, with an estimated 54 million being sold. Apple iPad sales are expected to jump from 14 million units in 2010 to 36 million next year. Apple's estimate is 36 million of the 54 million tablet sales in 2011...which is two-thirds of the market.

 This is a pretty substantial market share to maintain throughout 2011 when Google's Android Honeycomb and a slew of competition is expected to arrive and only take one-third of the market combined!

Cited by John Paczkowski, Wall Street Journal Digital Daily blog

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