Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weekend iPad Giveaway

Tomorrow, we are going to start a giveaway to announce a winner of an iPad (or iPads) before Christmas. We have given away 3 iPads previously, but it has been a while.

It looks like many haven't noticed the poll on the left sidebar to determine what we giveaway. We have just mailed out our last giveaway item, the Keyboard case to Ralph in Idaho.

The plan for the entry requirements is to like our Facebook page and drop an email to with the reason you should win the iPad(s?)

We will probably include a couple iTunes Giftcards again as a booby prize...

iPad aka K48

According to a FBI complaint against Walter Shimoon for insider trading, Apple's secret codename for the iPad was K48.

The first rule is "you don't talk about the K48" the second rule is that "you DO NOT talke about the K48, rule three...if someone yells "stop!", goes limp, or taps out...YOU ARE FIRED.

At least I stopped before I got to the 8th rule of fight club :)

If you were wondering what is Chris Calthrop's Extreme Windsurfing Page from Maui.

Real Racing 2 (not HD)

The highly anticipated sequel to Real Racing has finally been released, just before the iTunes Shutdown and ready for the holidays. If your like Real Racing HD, then you can give it a test run...

The requirements list that this game is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Here is a recent comment on the app link where someone gave it 2 stars for the iPad.

This is NOT an iPad app -- iPhone / iPod at 2x only
by Ross Garber
The game may be cool, but using the iOS 2x scaling really damages the quality of the game, not to mention to credibility of the developer who claims this is an iPad app.

It seems that ths game looks awesome on the iPhone and is a substantial improvement over the first version. But I will likely wait for the iPad version to be released. Likely called Real Racing HD 2...

The price is the same, and is available for $10 from the App Store for Real Racing 2.

Drop a comment if you tried it out on your iPad!

EA iPad App Deals

EA iPad App deals were just here over Thanksgiving, but here they are again.

Have you picked up Madden NFL 2011 for your iPad yet? I picked it up on sale just before Thanksgiving for $5...regularly a $13 app. Well EA has slashed some prices to bring you some entertainment in your long car ride to Grandma's house.

Here are the iPad Apps currently at deep discounts!

Drop a tip in the comments if you run across any other iPad App Deals!

AppleTV iOS 4.2.1 Jailbroken

A recent update from Redmond Pie provides detailed steps, 10 of them in fact, to jailbreak your Apple TV.

This PwnageTool guide hasn't been tested by RedmondPie, but will require a microUSB cable. Proceed at your own risk, I'm planning to try this on my AppleTV this weekend. The step may appear complicated at first, but this PwnageTool guide is very thorough.

Drop a comment if your decide to try it out...

Apple iPad Buyers Satisfied

Apple customer satisfaction numbers are much higher than their competition, with 97% being "ver" or "somewhat" satisfied. As compared to Dell at 74% and HP at 69% levels. Those "very" happy with their Apple Tablet is triple their closest competitor.

No wonder nearly 80% are planning to buy a tablet from Apple in early 2011.

Within the corporate world, currently 7% of those responding to the survey currently provide employees with tablet devices. This number is expected to double in early 2011, this would provide another nice surge in sales with the upcoming release of the iPad in late 1st quarter.

Now if only AT&T could satisfy their customers!

iTunes Connect Shutdown Approaching

You are problem thinking...huh? Watch for a bunch of games to be released in the next couple days as we are nearing a lockdown of iTunes. What does this mean to me? Well between 12/23 and 12/28, game developers will not be able to release a new game/update or adjust the price of games available at the App Store.

The downtime is expected, as Apple regularly takes the developer service offline during the holidays. So when you unwrap your new iPad from your girlfriend or boyfriend for Christmas, the App Store will remain stagnant to give you the weekend to shop for your new apps.

50k iPad Apps

After hitting the 40k level for iPad apps about 35 days ago, the App Store has just cleared the 50k mark...that is around 300 new iPad apps each day! Not all of them are a gem like the App of the year, Flipboard or my favorite simple game Angry Birds HD...

Via PadGadget

Mac App Store Coming In 3 Weeks

I've been working on my MacBook Air for over a month now, and I've been thinking how great it would be once they released the Mac App Store. It has been announced that the Mac App Store will be officially opened on January 6th. Initially, it will be available in 90 countries at wide scale that the bugs must be worked out!

I'd expect the latest release of Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.6) to be made available around that same day.

Press Release Snippet:

CUPERTINO, California—December 16, 2010—Apple® today announced that the Mac® App Store℠ will open for business on Thursday, January 6. By bringing the revolutionary App Store experience to Mac OS® X, the Mac App Store makes discovering, installing and updating Mac apps easier than ever. The Mac App Store will be available in 90 countries at launch and will feature paid and free apps in categories like Education, Games, Graphics & Design, Lifestyle, Productivity and Utilities.

“The App Store revolutionized mobile apps,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We hope to do the same for PC apps with the Mac App Store by making finding and buying PC apps easy and fun. We can’t wait to get started on January 6.”

The Mac App Store lets you browse new and noteworthy apps, find out what’s hot, view staff favorites, search categories and read customer ratings and reviews. Like on iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad™, you can purchase, download and install apps in just one click and start using them immediately. Purchased apps can run on all of your personal Macs and updates are delivered directly through the Mac App Store so it’s easy to keep all of your apps up to date. The Mac App Store is available to Mac OS X Snow Leopard® users as a free download through Software Update.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Android iPad

Here is yet another iPad clone from China (much better than the iPed!). This tablet computer is essentially an iPad with upgrades and Android, based on Freescale iMX515 hardware.

Recognize the clone vs. the original?

How about now?

The clone added a camera and a 2nd speaker port. It also includes:
  • 800 MHz ARM Cortex A8 Processor
  • 512MB DDRII Memory
  • 4GB Flash
  • 3G, WiFi, and Camera
  • 1024x768 resolution
The iPad clone is slightly thicker and has a few extra buttons, but it runs $277.

Android Clones sounds pretty Sci-Fi to me...

Location Request App

Well, normally I wouldn't mind.

But this seems a little fishy...

I guess I'll select "allow"...hopefully she doesn't find me!

AirPlay From iPad Browser

Webout was just updated yesterday, it is an iOS browser app that allows you to stream HTML5 video to your Apple TV (2nd Gen). Your iOS Safari is still not capable of streaming video to your Apple TV...only audio.

Webout also has support for Instapaper's mobilizer and will also soon have support for AirPrint.

"Stream HTML5 video to Apple TV with AirPlay. Safari will only stream audio via AirPlay, but webout can stream video as well in this update. For most videos, just tap play on the video within the page, then activate the stream via the action menu. It's a little spotty on the iPhone since a lot of websites deliver video to your device not inline for the smaller display, but it works great on the iPad. Requires 4.2, a device that supports multitasking and the latest OS version on your Apple TV."
Webout is available for $1 on the App Store

Angry Birds Seasons, Day 15

Haven't heard much feedback on this little Angry Birds competition, but this morning I got my 3 stars on 1-15 of Seasons Greedings on Angry Birds HD.

Drop a comment with your high scores...and overall rank so I can see what scores I need to beat! :)

Apple TV iOS 4.2.1

Apple has released an update to your Apple TV software...

Build 8C154 is labeled iOS 4.2.1 for 2nd Gen Apple TV.  Here is an link to the update (267MB DL)

After installation, your Apple TV will show 4.1.1 as the newly installed OS...

Some changes included in the update:
  • TV resolution fix for some HD TVs being incorrectly displayed in 480p
  • Download fix that removed the annoying "redownloading" of a TV or movie

iPad USB Port

The Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, retails for $30 and gives you two separate to read SD media and another for a USB connection. Well if you are like me, you'd probably lost the more important one...but now you can get everything in one dongle, including mircoSD.

This new 3-in-1 iPad Camera Connection Kit, runs the same price of $30...but combines the options of SD, mircoSD and USB into a handle attachment. This kit is available in black or white and since every Android phone utilizes a mircoSD card, you are now in luck for transferring your photos back and forth.

It would be nice to see a microSD and USB port on the 2nd Gen iPad, only as long as it doesn't require a thicker iPad frame...I'd prefer to just use this dongle instead!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Angry Birds Season 1-14

Just got caught up on my Angry Birds Seasons, I was complaining about the simplicity of the past day challenges...but the one for today was a little tougher!

Drop a comment with your screenshot...should we have a contest daily.

I'm considering the next giveaway being the high score submitted for one of the days.

iAd for iPad

Apple and Disney are providing a special preview iAd on the iPad, likely showing up on the App Store today. This featured ad for Disney's upcoming movie Tron Legacy provides a advertising pipe to spread the word about Disney's new film This is the very first iAd on the iPad, expected to be the only one in 2010.

"Disney and Apple are excited to debut the 'Tron Legacy' iAd today as a special preview of iAd for iPad, which launches next year," said the Apple/Disney in a press release. "iAd brings Tron's pulsing energy and vivid graphic style to iPad's stunning display, creating a truly immersive ad experience."

After tapping the ad, you options will be to watch full screen clips and trailers for the film, view the movie photo gallery and character bios, or you can just listen to the music previews off the Daft Punk soundtrack.

The iAd will also give users the ability to download content to their iPad...

Apple charged a millions to be one of a few select advertisers to use the platform. Disney was paid that fee to be among that group after iAds went live on the iPhone 4 in July. Disney purchased Pixar from Steve Jobs for over 7 billion in 2006, which brings everything together. Check it out...

They need to add a direct link to the 7r0n, Tron Inspired Watch and I'm sure they'd sell plenty. Hopefully they will begin to produce the Seven-R-Zero-N watch soon so I can pick one up!

Verizon Phone Sales

This was supposedly leaked from Verizon...

Assuming the data is correct, RIM sales figures look to have an appropriate downward trend.

Will sales figures of other manufacturers drop off or will VZW sell more phones due to the addition of the iPhone to their menu. I suspect many will replace their current Samsung or Motorola and try the iPhone 4. I definitely will when my contract expires next year...

iPad Facebook Buddies

Well, if you are hooked on the iPad, hooked on facebook...and hooked on chatting with your friends on Facebook. Buddies is the iPad app for you!

As I stated before, I usually look at my facebook with Flipboard... ehem, Apple iPad App of the year by the way!

The Buddies app for iPad is a quick and easy way to keep up on the latests with your closest friends. This app also allows you to filter your "real" friends from your other friends or family. Sometimes you just have to accept that friend request from Aunt Merdle or the iPad Jailbreak fan page :)

Buddies was updated to version 1.15 yesterday, this update now has added the Facebook friend chatting portion of this app. You can look at many friends at once...

Buddies Facebook Browser for iPad keeps you up-to-date with your Facebook Friends. Photos, Status Updates, Likes, Links and Comments. Update your status, post to friend walls, add comments, create photo albums and add photos even when you're not connected to the Internet. The next time you connect, Buddies will automatically upload your changes.
Buddies for iPad is available for $3 from the App Store

New Toshiba Factory For Apple Displays

It appears that Apple is investing in Toshiba as either an exclusive or additional iPhone 4 LCD panel supplier. Reuters has reported that Toshiba will "mainly" being supplying Apple. Leaving the door open to supply Android or Window devices I'd assume.

"The company’s wholly owned unit, Toshiba Mobile Display Co, will construct the facility in Ishikawa prefecture and the plant will churn out low-temperature polysilicon LCD panels, which allow for high-resolution images. Work on the plant will start by early next year, with the production due to begin in the second half of 2011"

Angry Birds Days Of Xmas

How is everyone doing with the Seasons version of Angry Birds HD for iPad. I have fallen behind a couple days again, but am keeping the 3 stars going relatively easily. They definitely need to make the later days of Christmas a little tougher to kill extra time during the holiday vacation!

I have been playing a lot of Madden 2011, and a little of Physics HD...but not much free time lately.

What apps are you looking forward to getting a chance to play over the holiday travel downtime? Remember, the iOS 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak was promised before Christmas!

iPad Jail-broke

Site Outage

Well, we had a few issues with Google yesterday...and it resulted in our site being down most of Monday. Our facebook page has been updated with the latest news, watch for our iPad giveaway late this week.

Please drop a comment with your preference, would you prefer us to giveaway...

One (1) 64GB iPad 3G or Two (2) Refurbished 16GB iPad wifi versions?

A poll has been added to the left sidebar, the one with the top votes will be given away next Monday. If you win, expect your iPad to arrive on the Thurs or Fri before Xmas!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Motorola Android Tablet, Honeycomb

As many of your know, the current Android software is not designed to be run on a tablet with a screen larger than 5". Version 2.X which goes by many names....Froyo is currently on my Droid and code name Gingerbread is for the upcoming 2.3.

Honeycomb is the expected code name for Android 3.0, which is supposed to be functional for tablet screens up to 11 inches. Many of the manufacturers are waiting patiently for this version to create a tablet that can tackle the iPad. It appears that Google will hold things up for another couple months, providing Apple to build their user base up this holiday season and prepare the iPad 2 expected in the coming months.

During the All Things D conference last week, Andy Rubin of Google gave a preview of an upcoming Motorola tablet running a beta version of Honeycomb I suspect. Other tablet specs...
  • 32GB Storage
  • Nvidia Tegra 2 T20 dual-core
  • gyroscope sensor
  • 1280x800
  • 2MP front camera
  • 5MP rear camera
  • 1GHz system processor
  • microSD support
  • 512MB RAM
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G and LTE (Verizon)
No word on pricing, but the iPad could actually be getting some competition...

Cinq your iPad

Cinq is a new application for iOS devices which wirelessly transmits pictures from your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to your Mac/PC over 3G and Wi-Fi. There is a free (ad supported) and paid version for the iPhone and iPod touch, and only a paid version ($4) for the iPad.

First, you will need to visit the Cinq website and sign up for a free account. After this you will be directed to download software to run this on your PC or MAC to maintain connection to your iOS powered device. When you take a picture it will be automatically upload to your PC or MAC. Also, all of your albums on your PC/Mac will be accessible from your iOS device...allowing full access to your archived albums on your iPhone or iPad.

I think this archiving is nice for, well, archiving...and the access to my full album through my iPad seems nice. But this is all a little slow on the 3G network, especially at full resolution...this app is a little ahead of its time. Where is my 4G!

  • No USB cable required!
  • Automatically caches photos for offline viewing!!
  • See and share ALL your pictures anytime from anywhere!!
  • Share any of your photos on Facebook
  • Post any of your photos to Twitter (via TwitPic)

Cinq is available for $4 from the App store

Apple Hiring Verizon Engineers

It is well known that Apple was interested in hiring CDMA engineers to get their iPhone ready for the Verizon network, but a "Verizon iPad System Engineer"? What the heck is that for...

Currently, you can purchase a wifi iPad from Verizon along with their MiFi unit. So why would Apple need someone to close this gap, are there issues with the MiFi and iPad working together. This is a simple WiFi connection, nothing fancy or troublesome about this from what I can tell.

If you're looking for a job in some nice Cupertino, California weather...this is not for you as it is located in NYC.

iPad On

After a recent emergency Best Buy stop this weekend (my wireless router power supply crashed), I overheard that the iPad was available at This was the first that I have heard of this, as this particular Best Buy didn't have the model this customer was interested for in stock.

After setting up my wireless again, I checked out their site and sure was offering free shipping throughout the U.S. and guaranteed shipment before Christmas.

You'll still have to rely on eBay to avoid sales tax on your iPad though...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Google Docs Editing Desktop, For iPad

Google has put some effort into making their online office suite compatible with iOS devices. Most of the work was focused to enable reading your documents on mobile devices. The ability to edit an online doc on the iPad and the iPhone has been possible for a couple weeks now.

Today Google has revamped their Google Docs mobile interface, making it very close to the desktop version.

Google’s desktop version is preferred for more complicated document editing like font, alignment changes, editing spreadsheets, and formulas.

For general use of Google Docs it is recommended to use the newly revamped mobile version, which can be done easily from your iPad with just a tap to switch to the mobile version.

Friday, December 10, 2010

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Giveaway, GearZap

Enter before midnight, Monday December 13th

The giveaway this week comes to us from GearZap...last week we gave you a review of their iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case, and after using it through the weekend I wish I could keep it!

This one AGAIN is simple to enter...

Follow us @iPadJailbroken and our Facebook Page by midnight... Monday, December 13th

You can also drop an email ( with the reason you should win this keyboard case from GearZap!

This case is only an eighth-inch thicker than my keyboardless DODOCase that I typically use. The GearZap version is very rugged, stylish...and intelligently designed!
If you are looking for a keyboard iPad case, I suggest you look not further... GearZap has created an iPad case with an integrated bluetooth keyboard that is very functional and reasonably priced!

Check here for GearZap's iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case which is available for less than £59.95 (around 90 USD)!

iPad Voice Control

Apple reveals plans to improve voice control on its iOS devices using contextually defined commands chosen by users, via a recent patent filing. Also, Apple recently purchased the iOS "personal assistant" app creator Siri, suggesting it had plans to improve the voice control functionality in iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch.

This patent appears to utilize some aspects of Siri's interface, applying them to each selected apps individually.

"By using contextual voice commands, a user can execute desired operations faster than by navigating through a set of nested menu items," the filing reads. "Also, contextual voice commands can be used to teach the device to accurately predict the intent of the user from a single voice command. Further, contextual voice commands can be used to vary the manner in which the user provides the voice input based on the context of the device being used."

Maybe one button will be too much for the iPad 3 when this gets implemented!

Gorillaz iPad Album, Free!

Damon Alban of Gorillaz announced earlier last month that they were recording their album entirely on the iPad. They are now saying that they’ll be giving that album away for free as a Christmas gift to all their fans.

This band was one of my favorites in colleges, dating myself a little bit....back to the days of Clint Eastwood and Dirty Harry. But their more recent successes have been Dare and Feel Good Inc, which I thought were pretty good as well.

Quote from Damon...

“If I left it until the New Year to release it, then the cynics out there would say, ‘Oh well, it’s been tampered with.’ But if I put it out now, they’d know that I haven’t done anything because I’ve been on tour ever since.”

iPad Djay Review

This reminds me of the infamous search for Homer J. Simpson's middle name...after all the searching, we now know that the J stands for Jay. Finally we can pronounce it correctly!

It appears that the J in DJ is not Jockey like we had thought, but instead DJay...I digress

Djay puts a pair of turntables and mixer on your iPad screen, which is perfect with the multitouch nature of your iPad as well. After trying this out for a little while, we've decided it is pretty cool. The iPad's multitouch makes moving the sliders, selecting music as scratching is pretty intuitive and very handy to haul around in an iPad app.

Here is a video sample of the iPad Djay, check it out!

Djay for iPad is available for $20 from the App Store

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Apple, iPad App Of The Year - Flipboard

Apple just named Flipboard, my favorite app which turns Twitter and Facebook into a magazine like experience, the "iPad App of the Year."

This is great news for the small startup, which will probably receive another huge spike in downloads. Flipboard is the ONLY way to look at facebook, when I get my iPad out...first I got to Flipboard's content for Facebook and Twitter!

Flipboard's initial launch was very chaotic, it only took 20 minutes to max out Flipboard's servers. The hype that surrounded this new iPad app was significant at the launch and drove many to test it out. Once their servers were maxed out, Flipboard had more publicity...although negative regarding the downtime/loading issues.

Flipboard actually asked Apple to NOT feature Flipboard in the iTunes App Store. Evan Doll Flipboard's lead engineer, is an ex-Apple guy who worked on the original iPhone team.

A couple quotes from the Flipboard team...

"There have been probably about 130 publishers that have reached out to us in the last 4 days or so, and unanimously the reaction has been very positive."

"We only have 19 people in the company now, I'll hire another 5 or 10 or something, but were going to keep things small."

The Flipboard iPad app is available here for FREE if you have somehow missed it!

In addition...Osmos is another app that got recognized by Apple,being named "iPad game of the year"

iPad Two, No OLED

It seems that Apple is sticking with a high resolution LCD screen for the upcoming iPad 2. Many were hoping that Apple would got to an Active-matrix OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen similar to my 12 month old Droid.

According to a report from DigiTimes, the new iPad 2 screen suppliers have been selected and will begin shipping the LCD unit early next year.

The 2nd generation iPad is expected to hit the market at the end of the first quarter of 2011 and suppliers in the supply chain are estimated to start shipments in the first quarter. Announcement from Jobs will likely happen at a January Apple event!

iTunes Increases Song Preview Length

For songs at least 2 minutes long, the preview has been extended from 30 seconds to 90 seconds...Apple has began to add some extended previews to the iTunes store.

If you check out all of the current Top Albums on iTunes, many of these have 90 second previews...but outside of iTunes top sellers, many still have only 30 seconds previews.

Apple has yet to issue a press release on this change...

Is 90 second previews going to drive you to buy more songs? Or less?

iPad 2 Case Design

Shenzhen MacTop Electronics has already manufacturered a next generation iPad case.

Key differences...
  • More curved design
  • Hole in upper left for rear facing camera
  • Rear camera location matches iPhone 4 and new iPod Touch
  • Larger speaker opening

This is likely a fake, as many of these early accessory design leaks it is missing my most desired enhancement. The landscape iPad dock opening, Apple even included it in their patent!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 Visitor Stats

Well, the past couple weeks has seen a 10-15% increase in visitors...and would like to welcome all of our new visitors. Drop a comment if you have any questions or suggestions to improve the site.

I ran the statistics for the past week, and am happy to say that IE is the 4th most used browser for this site...

Here is the breakdown...
Safari - 69208 (47%)
Firefox - 26570 (18%)
Chrome - 23144 (15%)
IE - 21471 (14%)

But Windows is leading the way as the most popular OS for visiting visitors is 2nd, Mac visitors in 3rd...and iPhone

Here is another breakdown...

Windows 62895 (42%)
iPad 37349 (32%)
Mac 30359 (20%)
iPhone 3038 (2%)

I also noticed that we do get a good amount of views from preferred way to view site content. I basically like the sites on Facebook and the latest news shows up in my news feed...

Join the clan here if you haven't already...

Thanks again to all of our readers!!

Apple Reduces iPad Price

The Apple Store just cut prices their prices on the 3 factory-refurbished Apple iPad Wi-Fi, they have also added the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions of refurbished Wi-Fi/3G iPads. These all include free shipping, this deal is pretty good if your in the market for a new iPad for a xmas gift!

Refurb iPad 16GB WiFi for $429 (was $449)

Refurb iPad 32GB WiFi for $499 (was $549)

Refurb iPad 16GB 3G (and WiFi) for $579

Refurb iPad 64GB WiFi for $599 (was $649)

Refurb iPad 32GB 3G (and WiFi) for $679

Refurb iPad 64GB 3G (and WiFi) for $779

These are available at the Apple

Maybe Apple is making some room for the new iPad 2, I expect a slight drop-off in sales if the base price doesn't drop. Maybe a nice January announcement of $299 regular WiFi iPads and the new iPad 2 coming in at the same prices as the former.

I think Apple had the price point is right with the $500 version, now just throw in a camera and retina screen for the same price...too much to ask?

Untethered Boot, iPhone Dev Team

Well it seems the Dev Team is getting much closer to an untethered version of a jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 devices. This latest method also uses iOS 4.2b3 (Beta 3) SHSH blobs which are the same as Cydia was saving on all iOS devices since the last Cydia update.

"MuscleNerd just uploaded this video booting a untethered iPhone 4 and I heard they are on their way to unlock bb 02.10.04."

comex (playing Santa) has just confirmed in a response to iCykey that the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 will be available before christmas.

iCykey: @comex I want a 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak for christmas

Comex: @iCykey you’ll get it.

According to @musclenerd, the current implementation doesn’t use any new exploit, but @comex is working on a better system that will perhaps be implemented in the final release.

Of course...there is no word yet of the release date, just a "guaranteed deliver date" that was provided from comex...don't forget to wrap the jailbreak comex!