Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1991 Classic: Steve Jobs OS X Preview

You can thank Reddit for "Digg"ing this one up

Steve Jobs demos the NeXT operating system. Many of the features shown here are now in Macintosh OSX...

Nice turtleneck Steve!

This is probably his business card from back then...


iPad Animated Wallpaper

One of the neat things about the Droid cell phone that I carry around, is that it has animated Nexus wallpapers...as well as others.

When I first bought my phone, these options weren't available...may have been due to the Android version. But I rooted my phone, mainly to turn it into a MiFi on Verizon's network...but I also gained these special themed wallpapers.

Some have found a tweak called vWallpaper, which allows you to have a seemingly animated background.

Tunnel wallpaper...do any of our readers have an animated wallpaper on their iPad?


Favorite Jailbreak App

Stop by TiPb to vote for your favorite jailbreak app

My vote is for MyWi, which is leading with 42% of the votes...

Other contenders...

BiteSMS at 30%

My3G at 11%

and TLert with 3%

This poll is for apps, not hacks btw....

Airplay Coming To Safari

A regular on MacRumors posted an email response on the lack of Airplay in Safari (and other 3rd party apps)

Currently, you need a hack from Cydia to enable Airplay for video, it is possible to make any iOS 4 device an speaker via Airplay...

Question: Hi, I recently updated both my iPhone 4 and iPad to 4.2. I think my favourite feature is airplay. This is seriously amazing and makes sharing content seamless. I just purchased Apple TV and was wondering are you ever going to make airplay video work for videos in safari and 3rd party apps? I hope to get a response.

Steve Jobs: Yep, hope to add these features to Airplay in 2011.


Finger Physics HD for iPad

My wife and 4 year old daughter are addicted to this 2 month old app. Physics HD is challenging enough to frusturate my wife...while easy enough for my little one to play and enjoy!

This game has a variety of different unique game modes, with lots of different modes...lunar mode and magnet blocks.

  • 32 stages and 300+ levels of awesome HD
  • FREE monthly updates of iPad ONLY levels
  • 7 game modes including tons of Egg levels
  • Exploding blocks
  • Magnetized circles, squares and triangles
  • Shapes that float
  • OpenFeint integration with tons of achievements and global leader board 
If you are looking for one of the best $1 apps, this is it...an additional cost may be for another iPad since you can't get yours away from your wife or kids!
Finger Physics HD is available for $1 from the App Store

Leather iPad Powis iCase Giveaway

Enter before midnight, Thursday December 2nd

The giveaway this week comes to us from Powis iCase...last week we gave you a Powis iCase Review and after using it exclusively through the holiday weekend... I am planning to order the Red Alligator Leather case to replace my DODOCase!

This one AGAIN is simple to enter...

Follow us @iPadJailbroken and Powis iCase at @powisparker by midnight... Thursday, December 2nd

Also, drop an email (giveaway@ipadjailbreak.com) and tell us what your favorite position is...keep it clean fellas, I meant the 9 positions of the Powis iCase!

Review snippet...

Overall, for the form and function that the Powis iCase offers for your iPad...it is reasonably priced. If you are seriously looking to get a DODOCase, definitely check this one out...it is as much a stand as it is an iPad case. But this can be accomplished with style if your go for the premium leather!


The Powis iCase starts at $49 for the printed laminated cover and goes to $79.95 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) for the premium leather option.


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Baby iPhone, There's A Nap For That!

We have seen some interesting iPhone/iPad accessories, the iPhone Table...

...whether fake or not is still a cool idea in concept.

Grandma Harriet knitted this quilt for her 6 day old grandson...Gabriel Augusto Stein

Posted by Gabrielste.in, new "iPhone Quilt by Grandma Harriet"

Monday, November 29, 2010

Most Wanted Tech Gift, iPad

Fortune reported that Apple sold approximately 8.8 iPad units per hour during the madness on Black Friday. They also estimated 8.2 Mac units per hour as well....

A little math...8.8 iPads/hr X 12 hr X 236 US stores = 25,000 iPads sold on Black Friday.

Quoting that annoying American Idol song, 86400 seconds in a day...would suggest an iPad was sold every 3-4 seconds. That is pretty fast for a $500-$800 price tag!

Gifts HD for iPad

This app is perfect for getting all of your holiday shopping organized...
Gifts HD is designed for multiple users in mind, each profile created has his or her own gift list and a password so no one can see gifts you are planning on purchasing.

Designed to look like a desktop with shopping lists and a calculator, Gifts HD’s interface provides the necessary info to keep track of your gift purchases, wrapping status and budget numbers.

Customer Review...
I needed this mostly for keeping track of my gift ideas, but this app gave me lots of other things I didn't know I needed. Like keeping track of gifts needing to be wrapped and shipped, and tracking my budget.

Gifts HD is available for $4 from the App Store (20% of the App profits are donated to Toys-for-Tots)

Galaxy Tab, Only Holiday Competition For iPad

The Galaxy Tab is the best Android tablet that's made production...but is still only half that of an iPad. Literally!

The Galaxy Tab tablet is the only clear threat to the iPad this holiday season. All of the other competitors (PlayBook, Kno, etc) are MIA for the holiday shopping spree...

I recently was at the YMCA and failed to notice a parent using a Dell Streak while their kid was getting a swim lesson. From my first impression of the Galaxy Tab, it falls into that category where it looks like an oversized Droid cell phone.

Things that are going for the Galaxy Tab; it offers a smaller/convenient size, Adobe Flash support, front and rear cameras, and Google's Android 2.2. The downside is that it doesn't have the sophisticated slim body of the iPad. The Tab has rounded corners, but its blocky feel makes it tough to pick up from a flat surface.

All of these things above will likely be included in the iPad 2 in the coming months, with the exception of Flash for obvious reasons. The Tab was also unsuccessful in providing a "better battery" for their Tablet.

The iPad needs to have some competition, there just isn't a Big Mac to compete with this Whopper!

Acer Iconia Preview

If you are having trouble trying to decide between the 2nd Gen MBA or an iPad, Acer is trying to get your business with their dual screen tablet.

Yesterday Acer announced a dual-screen multitouch laptop that appears to be still in concept stage. Iconia is a 14-inch laptop with the keyboard being replaced with an additional 14-inch screen. This is essentially a larger version of a Toshiba Libretto that we discussed a few months back.

Placing all your fingers on the lower screen makes the keyboard automatically display...otherwise the lower screen is Acer's wheel-like launch display for applications. Dual 1366x768 displays, Core i5, up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM, integrated Intel graphics, 750GB hard drive, dual USB 2.0, one USB 3.0, HDMI, and VGA.

Apple Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday deals allow you to save some cash on a Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod accessory... the headphones, speaker docks, cases, bags and stands.

Some of these deals will likely spill over through the Black Friday deals...but hopefully there are some fresh ones out there today!  Here are the previous Holiday Deals from Apple...

Here is a link to Apple's Cyber Monday sale

Check out these good deals on iPad Apps as well!

iOS 4.3 Linked With "The Daily" Subscriptions?

Well, earlier this morning we discussed potential iOS 5 upgrades for Apple...but it appears that iOS may be getting a tweak sooner than many thought.

After getting used to iOS 4.2.1 the past couple days...there is already a new upgrade on the horizon.

This new version of iOS 4 is offering news and magazine subscriptions, and is expected in mid-December.

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber reports that Steve Jobs himself will join Rupert Murdoch at a December 9th event to announce Rupert’s new tablet newspaper, The Daily.

iOS 4.3 likely wasn't intended to be so close to the iOS 4.2.1, originally slated for an early November release....but was pushed out due to issues with iOS 4.2 GoldMaster. 4.2.1’s delayed official release may also push back iOS 4.3...but Apple has a huge role in "The Daily" and will probably force them to work weekends to get this release out for the TabNews announcement.

I would expect that by owning a subscription for news or magazine...that your iOS would need to automatically bring the content. There definitely shouldn't be a series of steps necessary to get your magazine or news at your doorstep!

GearZap iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case

The fine people at GearZap have provided us a Bluetooth keyboard iPad case for review and GIVEAWAY!

We have reviewed other products from GearZap, a UK based company. Be sure check out their other great iPad cases as well!

The design of this case allows it to be propped up for easy counter-top typing. I found about 6 different slots that were available to tilt the angle of the iPad view.

The Bluetooth keyboard utilizes a Micro-USB connection for charging and includes a USB to Micro-USB cord in the package. It arrived charged and boasts a 90 hour charge time, suggesting a weekly recharge of your keyboard for heavy users.

The Bluetooth keyboard easily synchronized to my iPad's Bluetooth connection, asking for a password to be typed to complete the connection. The keyboard is slightly smaller than a standard, and utilizes the iPad Case area very efficiently.

I managed to type nearly 50 wpm on this keyboard, as compared to my 65 wpm on a typical keyboard...and my 25 wpm I get on the onscreen iPad keyboard.  These numbers are probably a little skewed as I have had much more practice with the onscreen keyboard as compared to the hour or two I spend using this bluetooth keyboard.  The only downside is that the shift key is placed on the left side only of this keyboard.  I find in typing this review that I never use the left-pinky shift key...but I'm sure that I could adjust!

This bluetooth keyboard case has an on/off switch on the right-hand side of the keyboard to disengage it when you're playing Angry Birds HD!

The keyboard part of the case is hidden under a flap which doubles as a wrist-rest when unfolded...overall a very nice case opened up and closed.

Access to all of the iPad buttons is provided while the case is opened, and the bottom and top is exposed while the case is closed.

This case is only an eighth-inch thicker than my keyboardless DODOCase that I typically use. The GearZap version is very rugged, stylish...and intelligently designed!
If you are looking for a keyboard iPad case, I suggest you look not further... GearZap has created an iPad case with an integrated bluetooth keyboard that is very functional and reasonably priced!

Check here for GearZap's iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case which is available for less than £59.95 (around 90 USD)!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Untethered iPad Jailbreak, Not Yet

Jailbreak developer chpwn himself suggests waiting for “the upcoming correct jailbreak” which will require you to restore your device. It appears that Cydia is working on the iPad, but it is offering very few tweaks and apps to work properly on iOS 4.2.1. These are enough reasons for me to wait for the “real thing”, the untethered iPad jailbreak.

iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS (old iBoot) and iPod Touch 2G MB have untethered jailbreaks available.

As for the iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G/3G/2G MC, and iPad...it is still a tethered jailbreak.

Many jailbreak tweaks force you to reboot your device, a tethered jailbreak can be a difficult to deal with.

If you must have your iPad jailbroken now... then go here, download redsn0w, and follow the instructions. Otherwise you can undo your jailbreak and get iOS 4.2.1 and try out the new features.

Drop a comment with your experiences with Cydia apps working correctly on iOS 4.2.1.


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Saturday, November 27, 2010

iPad Holiday Deals

There are a lot of Holiday App Deals to be had for your iPad!

Hopefully Apple doesn't keep their Cyber Monday deals secret much longer!

Some online sellers, however, either matched or beat Apple's sale prices.

Amazon.com was selling the least-expensive 13-in. MacBook Pro and the 21.5-in. iMac for the same $1,098 price that Apple posted.

Check out the full list of deals at PadGadget...


The PadGadget Deal Tracker is provided for educational and informational purposes only. We will try our best to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date information we can find but sometimes vendors will change their pricing or limit quantities of their sales items we have listed.

Friday, November 26, 2010

iPad At The Top Of Santa's List!

When asked what devices they planned to purchase, more consumers said they’d buy an iPad or other tablet than any other type of device.

Apple did provide a little bit of a discount on their iPad this holiday season...

Check out all of Apple's Black Friday Deals!

Over half of the survey responders indicated that they are going to buying some electronics this holiday season. Most willing to buy gadget this year include under 34 year olds, males and iPhone owners.

More Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPad

It appears that there is another reason to jailbreak your iPad, even if it is a tedious tethered jailbreak. If Apple leaves a good idea out in a version of iOS, expect the developers to finish the leap to convenience and efficiency.

So if you have an Apple TV like I do and have missed the ability to stream from Safari, the AirVideo app or StreamToMe is worth a download right now!

AirVideoEnabler enables video streaming to Apple TV's using AirPlay from any application, including Safari. Normally, AirPlay Video is restricted to the YouTube app. This tweak is now available in the Cydia Store

Apple changed the orientation lock button and made it a mute switch. Then, they put the orientation lock in the multitasking tray, which you can access with a single swipe to the right.

NoMute for iPad, available for free in Cydia now, makes the mute switch button an orientation lock button again.

iPad Wallet Review

As many of you have already seen, I am a fan of Waterfield Tech Bags! I have been using one for my iPad and new 13" MBA, and have gotten rave reviews from friends and family.

Waterfield was nice enough to provide a review sample of their latest product, the iPad Wallet...watch for the giveaway next week!

The iPad Wallet has room to keep 2 iPads safely and scratch free, this case is nicely padded to be impact resistant.

I would even feel comfortable putting a 3rd iPad inside the iPad Wallet if it were is a minimum protection case....such as the DODOCase that I typcially use.

This case is available in Black, Copper, Flame (review/giveaway model), Green, Pearl, and Pine.

YKK self-locking zippers are also included in this iPad Case...

If you are into shoulder straps, Waterfield will set you up with either a set of D-Rings or will install straps for a few bucks extra.

The external mesh pocket will also fit an iPad, and is still functional through it...it works like a visual mesh screen to block others from seeing what you are view at large angles.

Overall, this is a very nice...fully functional travel wallet for your iPad. Something I could see myself using over the holiday's.

Watch for your giveaway of the iPad Wallet next week!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Discounted iPad

Well if you wanted to pick up an iPad...they will be on sale on Apple's site tomorrow!

Apple has just posted the Black Friday sale for the US Apple Store. You can save $101 on iMacs, MacBook Pros and Airs, $41 on the iPad, $11 on the iPod Nano and $21 on the iPod Touch.

Other deals from Apple tomorrow....

Apple iPad Case $34 ($5 off)

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit $24 ($5 off)

Apple Wireless Keyboard $64 ($5 off)

Apple iPad Dock $24 ($5 off)

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic $74 ($5 off)

Apple iPad Keyboard Dock $58 ($11 off)

Magic Trackpad $64 ($5 off)

Apple Magic Mouse $64 ($5 off)

Time Capsule 1TB $278 ($21 off)

AirPort Express Base Station $88 ($11 off)

AirPort Extreme Base Station $168 ($11 off)

Time Capsule 2TB $448 ($51 off)

Be sure to check out the iPad App Deals running as well!


iPad Powis iCase Review

What is your favorite position....er...for your iPad...dirty minded readers!

Well I just received a Premium Leather Gold Floral Powis iCase for review and I am impressed. This sleek, stylish case could easily draw me away from the old reliable DODOCase I have used for the past many months.

Before I get too far, you definitely need to check out the full premium leather line at Powis iCase, there are lots of nice models...the red alligator skin iPad case looks awesome!

Looks alone are not enough...it is what's on the inside that counts right!

Well in opening up this new iPad case, I was immediately impressed with the rugged-ness of this iPad case. The iPad is held in securely with an internal snap design that quickly allows fo insert or remove your iPad easily. The external closure strap, appears much more rugged than most cases I've seen. My DODO Case strap is already getting stretched significantly...

There is also a business card holder that also holds an included microfiber screen wipe. My DODOCase doesn't do that...but lets move on!

Now I keep calling this an iPad case, but this case is a multitrick pony for sure. It has edges with enough friction to keep the iPad up at an angle. My DODOCase advertised this, but doesn't work on slick surfaces. The Powis iCase stands easily on my slick countertop.

Another trick this case has is an embedded stand in the back of the case to allow a couple other standing angles. I can stand open with the iPad in either portrait or landscape mode...again I am impressed that the Leather Powis iPad Case is only $79.95 as compared to the $60 I paid for the lackluster DODOCase.

In all...the PowisiCase boasts 9 positions for
  • Reading news
  • Watching a movie
  • Playing a game
  • Writing emails
  • Following a recipe
  • Searching the web
  • Presenting to a customer
  • Checking sports scores
  • Running your favorite app

You think you can do better than the premium leather options available..WHAT...well it looks like Powis iCase will be allowing you to customize your own soon as well.

Overall, for the form and function that the Powis iCase offers for your iPad...it is reasonably priced. If you are seriously looking to get a DODOCase, definitely check this one out...it is as much a stand as it is an iPad case. But this can be accomplished with style if your go for the premium leather!

The Powis iCase starts at $49 for the printed laminated cover and goes to $79.95 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) for the premium leather option.


iPad Holiday App Deals

There are a lot of Black Friday iPad App deals, and surely many more to come this holiday season. Here are a few deals on iPad Apps already running for your long Thanksgiving drive home...

Hopefully Apple doesn't keep their Black Friday deals secret much longer, because we do have a budget we'd like to keep with on our 3am shopping morning.

There are many lists of Black Friday app deals...here are a couple!

Macstories Black Friday Guide

PadGadget's Early iPad App Game Sales

Check out our list of App Review for your iPad here as well!

Angry Birds Update, Expansion

Arguably, the most successful smartphone game ever is making the switch from mobiles to consoles. Angry Birds has been purchased over 30 million times by people using the Apple iPhone/iPad or one of those Google Android things.  It is also in the App Hall Of Fame!

Developers Rovio are working now working on a version for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii to expand their audience...and wallet!

Its chief executive says that kind of switch will become more and more common.

Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka stated "The smartphone gaming platform is actually turning out to be the biggest and most played out there. So it's starting to beat the traditional games on consoles and PCs."

Originally developed for the iPhone app store...it was later downloaded one million times in 24 hours after its release on Google's Android OS last month.

Peter Vesterbacka didn't go into details about when fans would be able to get the new versions of the game...other that there were definitely plans for an Angry Birds 2 early next year. Expect "a lot more pigs" and "pigs will be a lot more active" in the next edition.

Our review of the Angry Birds HD app for iPad

PolymerZip iPad Pocket Stand

Just ran across this new iPad stand provided by InnoPocket:

This is an external, sole-purpose iPad stand which is good at one thing...holding your iPad upright! It can be positioned vertically or horizontally and will fold up to fit easily into your pocket or iWallet!

The PolymerZip Pocket Stand for iPad is available in 4 colors, handles multiple angles on incline, and is reasonably priced at $14.99.

Sling Player for iPad

Well, I remember the only thing we really wanted for the SlingMobile Player for iPad was a free or discounted version for those already buying the iPhone version. On the bright side, they did stick with the $30 price tag...the downside is there is no discount if you have multiple iDevices, Arrgh..and you wonder why people jailbreak their iPad!


If you’ve used SlingPlayer, or other DVR, you will find the iPad version has the same features. Sling allows you to send video from your own cable/media box to any other device, including browsers. It works in conjunction with the Slingbox SOLO or PRO-HD.


View and control video sources such as:
  • Cable set-top box and DVR
  • Satellite set-top box and DVR
  • Telco / IPTV set-top box and DVR
  • Basic Cable
  • Digital Over-the-Air broadcasts (Slingbox Pro-HD only)
  • Tivo
  • Apple TV
  • Home security cameras

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad is available for $30 from iTunes App Store

What do you think of the SlingMobile Player and making us pay up multiple times for the same function?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Higher Interest In Apple Laptops

Apple is going to sell a lot of laptops in the next month and a half...at least if the consumers follow through on their plans.

I purchased a 13" MBA last month, the MacBook Air is awesome...I really have no complaints.

ChangeWave has seen an "explosive leap" for interest in Apple laptops.

"simply put, it's the highest level of planned buying ever for Apple in a ChangeWave Survey."

ChangeWave thinks the new MacBook Air is giving Apple momentum.

Cydia for iOS 4.2.1

More good news for the earlybirds that have jailbroken iOS 4.2.1 on your iPad. If you installed Cydia on your recently update iOS device yesterday using redsn0w, you better check for updates! SBSettings is now fully campatible with iOS 4.2.1.

If you decided to unjailbreak your iPad for now, and wait for the untethered iPad jailbreak...then you are in the same boat as me!

AppSync has also been updated to version 4.2, now it can be used with the new iOS 4.2.1 firmware as well. AppSync patches MobileInstallation file on iOS that are needed in order to install .ipa files manually without iTunes.


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Black Friday iPad App Deals

There are some early app deals from sweet developers already available... Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Bonnier and Melvin Rivera are offering up to 70% off their normal app price.

Apple already announced black friday deals for iPad!

It is the most wanted gift by kids this year!

Already bought these at the higher price... :(

YAHTZEE HD original price $4.99 now only $0.99
Let’s Golf! 2 HD original price $4.99 now only $0.99

Definitely going to pick this one up tonight at a big discount!

Madden NFL 11 for iPad original price $12.99 now only $4.99

Check out PadGadget for the entire list of iPad app deals!

iOS iPad RAM Efficiency

iOS 4.2 improved your iPad experience from a memory usage standpoint, take a look at the comparison below, this experiment was performed by the dudes at iPadevice.

The graph shows occupied RAM in the different stages of iOS 4.2 and iOs 3.2.2

Great research project guys!

iOS 5 iPad, Wishlist

iOS 4.2 is a nice leap from iOS 3.2, but there are a few things that would be nice in a future iOS 5 update.

Dual-display app mode

One of the best ways to utilize the thick screen, would be to run Mail and Safari apps side by side in landscape mode. In portrait mode these dual running apps could be the top half and bottom half.

Facetime Integration

Even though there is not a camera on my iPad, there could be a camera accessory to plug in to provide your missing camera. The iPad 2 is expected to integrate a camera, so this has to be in the back of their minds anyhow.

Native Clock Integration

There are many apps that fix this issue for Apple, but the iPhone is a perfect bedside clock... The recent bug in the daylight savings portion of the iPhone created a significant uproar, leading us to believe a large portion of iPhone users were relying on this clock. Why not make the iPad a larger version of this bedside clock?

AirPrint, Gone Wild

It would be nice to have this functionality added to my Epson printer :(


What other enhancement ideas do you have for iOS 5?

How about some cursor arrows on the onscreen keyboard...