Friday, December 17, 2010

What will Happen When iPad 2 Released

With the assumption that Apple will continue with the $500 price point for an entry level iPad 2 without subsidies, the original iPad will have to drop in price. Knocking the prices down to around half the original prices of a year ago does seem possible. Bringing us a $249 iPad 16GB WiFi which is pretty close to the cost to build the iPad (according to iSuppli).

The original iPad could be offered for free on Verizon's network with contract if they enhanced it to work without the external MiFi. I can definitely see having a couple iPad's laying around the house in a couple years.

We will definitely know more in January, when an announcement is likely to occur.


  1. I thought apples policy was to discontinue its previous version IOS device to make way for the new device?

    I mean, you dont see them selling ipod touch 1g anymore do you? And when they did bring out the 2g, the 1g didnt drop in price, it just got phased out...

    Yes, you can still get the older versions...refurbished at a very slight markdown, still nowhere near 50%. Its much more likely that the Ipad 1.0 will be phased out...

  2. Ipod touch 8GB 4th Gen - $229

    Sorry to say that they will phase out the old ipads and only offer refurbs at a slight discount.

    Did the ipod touch 3gs price get cut in half when the new ipod touch 4gs came out?


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