Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Waiting To Buy An iPad

Brett Arends over at the WSJ has compiled a nice list of the 10 reasons he doesn't want an iPad for Christmas. If you have waited (or been saving) to buy an iPad for 10 months now, it is probably worth waiting another couple months for a few big announcements to be made. Here are a few of his reasons to wait to buy an iPad.

The iPad will be cheaper next year - this is what I've been telling friends and family gawking at my iPad. Prices are definitely going to drop in a couple months, if you are turning Hulk-green with envy...check out Apples discounted refurbished iPads to save a few bucks.

The iPad 2 will be greatly improved - the next generation iPad will certainly include Facetime integration, camera, a thinner exterior, 3-axis gyro and possibly landscape docking of the iPad.

The iPad is finally getting some competition - after a year talking about Android 3.0 Honeycomb, CrutchPad, Galaxy Tab, Blackberry PlayBook, and a host of other iPad competition. It appears that many of these will launch in the next couple months. This may result in a better tablet option for you or may drive the price of the iPad down a little to compete.

Check out the rest of Brett's top 10 reasons the iPad is a lousy xmas gift here.

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