Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SuperTooth Disco Bluetooth Boombox

This item is on my christmas list...

Supertooth Disco is a battery powered stereo speaker with a nice subwoofer inside and provides a very nice sound with 2 eight-watt drivers. Battery life is claimed at 10 hours on medium volume, 3-4 at high....standby is for months.

  • Internal subwoofer amp at 12 watt
  • Internal left/right power amp at 2x8 watt
  • Neodyne high efficiency subwoofer
  • Adjustable audio, track navigation
  • MP3 player connectable with 3.5mm stereo jack

You can beam the sound straight from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad where it shows up in the AirPlay menu for iOS 4.2.1 users.

This SuperTooth Disco runs for $150 and is a must have now that iOS 4.2.1 is available for the iPad. Now I need to forward this post on to my wife...maybe I should be more subtle? Nah

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