Wednesday, December 8, 2010 Visitor Stats

Well, the past couple weeks has seen a 10-15% increase in visitors...and would like to welcome all of our new visitors. Drop a comment if you have any questions or suggestions to improve the site.

I ran the statistics for the past week, and am happy to say that IE is the 4th most used browser for this site...

Here is the breakdown...
Safari - 69208 (47%)
Firefox - 26570 (18%)
Chrome - 23144 (15%)
IE - 21471 (14%)

But Windows is leading the way as the most popular OS for visiting visitors is 2nd, Mac visitors in 3rd...and iPhone

Here is another breakdown...

Windows 62895 (42%)
iPad 37349 (32%)
Mac 30359 (20%)
iPhone 3038 (2%)

I also noticed that we do get a good amount of views from preferred way to view site content. I basically like the sites on Facebook and the latest news shows up in my news feed...

Join the clan here if you haven't already...

Thanks again to all of our readers!!

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