Tuesday, December 14, 2010

iPad Facebook Buddies

Well, if you are hooked on the iPad, hooked on facebook...and hooked on chatting with your friends on Facebook. Buddies is the iPad app for you!

As I stated before, I usually look at my facebook with Flipboard... ehem, Apple iPad App of the year by the way!

The Buddies app for iPad is a quick and easy way to keep up on the latests with your closest friends. This app also allows you to filter your "real" friends from your other friends or family. Sometimes you just have to accept that friend request from Aunt Merdle or the iPad Jailbreak fan page :)

Buddies was updated to version 1.15 yesterday, this update now has added the Facebook friend chatting portion of this app. You can look at many friends at once...

Buddies Facebook Browser for iPad keeps you up-to-date with your Facebook Friends. Photos, Status Updates, Likes, Links and Comments. Update your status, post to friend walls, add comments, create photo albums and add photos even when you're not connected to the Internet. The next time you connect, Buddies will automatically upload your changes.
Buddies for iPad is available for $3 from the App Store

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