Friday, December 10, 2010

iPad Djay Review

This reminds me of the infamous search for Homer J. Simpson's middle name...after all the searching, we now know that the J stands for Jay. Finally we can pronounce it correctly!

It appears that the J in DJ is not Jockey like we had thought, but instead DJay...I digress

Djay puts a pair of turntables and mixer on your iPad screen, which is perfect with the multitouch nature of your iPad as well. After trying this out for a little while, we've decided it is pretty cool. The iPad's multitouch makes moving the sliders, selecting music as scratching is pretty intuitive and very handy to haul around in an iPad app.

Here is a video sample of the iPad Djay, check it out!

Djay for iPad is available for $20 from the App Store

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