Friday, December 3, 2010

iOS Antigravity Tweak

Do you have access to one of your friends iPads, and want to pull a prank on him?

GraviBoard is a new tweak in the works right now by conradev, once you activate it... home screen icons will lose gravity and drive this person nuts!

The icons are still functional while they are floating around...if you can catch them!

Check out this video of GraviBoard in action!

GraviBoard should be available in Cydia shortly, forcing your app icons to fall and pile on top of each other. Can you put a price on a good prank...well it is expected to be $2.99, so it looks like they did.

I'll let you know when GraviBoard hits the Cydia store...we'll keep you informed since I have a colleague I'd like to pull this prank on! Just another good reason to jailbreak your iPad.

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