Monday, December 6, 2010

Infinifolders Update for iOS 4.2.1, Cydia Store

Infinifolders not only allows you to put as many apps as you like inside folders on your iOS iPad, but it also allows you to customize the way that a folder scrolls. Infinifolders 1.3.3-1 adds full iOS 4.2.1 integration into the iPad.

chpwn has stated that Infinidock and Infiniboard will be following shortly with iPad updates, these Cydia app updates are great to see coming...I assume that the new iPad Jailbreak method is getting close to make it as easy as JailbreakME!

The reasons to jailbreak your iPad (and deal with the tethered aspects of your iPad jailbreak) are beginning to pile up. What is your favorite jailbreak app for the iPad?

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