Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Much Is That iPad In The Window

Recently, Gene Munster's team ran a survey of 65 consumers that don't currently own a tablet computer. They were shown the iOS iPad 3G and Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab. They were asked which one they preferrer, and what they thought the tablet was worth (The Price Is Wrong, B#$ch!).

In the preferred tablet category, the iPad was preferred 17 to 3...

The pereceved value of the iPad 3G was $417 or $212 less than the suggested retail price, more that one-third less than Apple is charging.

But as for the Galaxy Tab, the perceived value was $283...which is less than half the $600 "asking price"

Maybe we should let these consumers try out a couple of apps and see what they think the value of the App Store items are....I bet they are aren't penny pinchin as much.

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