Friday, December 31, 2010

December iPad Sales Slow, Intentionally

Well it is tough to saw that the iPad killed the Kindle in 2010, especially since the Kindle has passed the iPad in shipments for December. Apple produced 1.6 million iPads in December, this is a big drop from the 2.1 million units created last month. This drop has allowed Amazon’s Kindle to catch up and match iPad shipments...making the Kindle more than just a niche device, and more mass market.

There could be a very good explanation for this...

Rumors have been circulating that Apple is prepping to increase production for their iPad 2 to eliminate the shortages experienced with the original iPad. How quickly we forget that the iPad shipment was finally just changed to "ships in 24 hours" in late August.

The iPad 2 has been rumored to have three versions, with the addition of a CDMA 3G option for Verizon along with the currently offered Wi-Fi and 3G (ATT). Apple is expected to produce 4-5 million of the new iPad 2 for every month in 2011. I'm sure that they would prefer to have the iPad 2 "shipping in 24 hours" on the same day that they announce it!

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