Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CDMA iPad 2 For Verizon

According to Digitimes, it appears that Apple is preparing to launch 3 different versions of the next-gen iPad (iPad 2) in 2011 with a WiFi/UMTS chip lineup as previously, with a new CDMA version. Is there room for the larger CDMA system and a dual core inside that sleek iPad exterior?

The sources pointed out that about 60-65% of current iPad shipments are 3G models, indicating that consumers prefer models that are able to connect to the Internet all the time, therefore Apple is aiming to work even more closely with telecom carriers by offering more wireless solutions for iPad 2 to satisfy market demand.

It appears from the report that Apple is also working on new screen technology to similar to the Amazon’s Kindle. Apple will likely include a new anti-smudge/glare screen with the iPad 2 to help read-ability and reduce smudges and glare from the iPad 2's glass surface.

It has been long rumored that Verizon was interested in launching a CDMA version of the next iPad in 2011. A few months back, Verizon started selling iPads bundled with their CDMA MiFi system and are rumored to have a CDMA iPhone in early 2011.

It sure would be nice to have a Verizon iPad without having to carry around that stupid MiFi everywhere with you and your iPad!

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