Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Apple Reduces iPad Price

The Apple Store just cut prices their prices on the 3 factory-refurbished Apple iPad Wi-Fi, they have also added the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions of refurbished Wi-Fi/3G iPads. These all include free shipping, this deal is pretty good if your in the market for a new iPad for a xmas gift!

Refurb iPad 16GB WiFi for $429 (was $449)

Refurb iPad 32GB WiFi for $499 (was $549)

Refurb iPad 16GB 3G (and WiFi) for $579

Refurb iPad 64GB WiFi for $599 (was $649)

Refurb iPad 32GB 3G (and WiFi) for $679

Refurb iPad 64GB 3G (and WiFi) for $779

These are available at the Apple

Maybe Apple is making some room for the new iPad 2, I expect a slight drop-off in sales if the base price doesn't drop. Maybe a nice January announcement of $299 regular WiFi iPads and the new iPad 2 coming in at the same prices as the former.

I think Apple had the price point is right with the $500 version, now just throw in a camera and retina screen for the same price...too much to ask?

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