Thursday, December 9, 2010

Apple, iPad App Of The Year - Flipboard

Apple just named Flipboard, my favorite app which turns Twitter and Facebook into a magazine like experience, the "iPad App of the Year."

This is great news for the small startup, which will probably receive another huge spike in downloads. Flipboard is the ONLY way to look at facebook, when I get my iPad out...first I got to Flipboard's content for Facebook and Twitter!

Flipboard's initial launch was very chaotic, it only took 20 minutes to max out Flipboard's servers. The hype that surrounded this new iPad app was significant at the launch and drove many to test it out. Once their servers were maxed out, Flipboard had more publicity...although negative regarding the downtime/loading issues.

Flipboard actually asked Apple to NOT feature Flipboard in the iTunes App Store. Evan Doll Flipboard's lead engineer, is an ex-Apple guy who worked on the original iPhone team.

A couple quotes from the Flipboard team...

"There have been probably about 130 publishers that have reached out to us in the last 4 days or so, and unanimously the reaction has been very positive."

"We only have 19 people in the company now, I'll hire another 5 or 10 or something, but were going to keep things small."

The Flipboard iPad app is available here for FREE if you have somehow missed it!

In addition...Osmos is another app that got recognized by Apple,being named "iPad game of the year"

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