Sunday, November 28, 2010

Untethered iPad Jailbreak, Not Yet

Jailbreak developer chpwn himself suggests waiting for “the upcoming correct jailbreak” which will require you to restore your device. It appears that Cydia is working on the iPad, but it is offering very few tweaks and apps to work properly on iOS 4.2.1. These are enough reasons for me to wait for the “real thing”, the untethered iPad jailbreak.

iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS (old iBoot) and iPod Touch 2G MB have untethered jailbreaks available.

As for the iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G/3G/2G MC, and is still a tethered jailbreak.

Many jailbreak tweaks force you to reboot your device, a tethered jailbreak can be a difficult to deal with.

If you must have your iPad jailbroken now... then go here, download redsn0w, and follow the instructions. Otherwise you can undo your jailbreak and get iOS 4.2.1 and try out the new features.

Drop a comment with your experiences with Cydia apps working correctly on iOS 4.2.1.


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  1. I will wait for a better jailbreak...thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I Really want untethered jailbreak for my iPad on iOS 4.2 now :(

  3. any idea when this will get released?

  4. must I do something now in order to can jailbreak it later, read something about an ID you must save first or something like that

  5. any news on the JB

  6. No news is good news :)

  7. Yeah I tried The Tethering Jailbreak..SO YEAH..I'm gonna wait until sometime B4 Christmas too get the real deal...i hate having too continue using Redsnow EVERY TIME I have too reboot.

  8. for Tethering Jailbreak everywhere it says if i reboot or turn my ipad off, does it mean i can't turn it off using the button at the top right? And also, when it auto turns off after 2 mins...then in both case I have to tether to reboot? or just in case the first case above?


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