Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ThinkGeek iPad Keyboard Case

I have yet to test an iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case, until now.

The fine young geeks at ThinkGeek provided us a Bluetooth keyboard iPad case for review and GIVEAWAY!

The design of this case allows it to be propped up for easy counter-top typing. I found about 6 different slots that were available to tilt the angle of the iPad view.

The Bluetooth keyboard utilizes a Micro-USB connection for charging and includes a USB to Micro-USB cord in the package. It arrived charged and boasts a 90 hour charge time, suggesting a weekly recharge of your keyboard for heavy users.

The Bluetooth keyboard easily synchronized to my iPad's Bluetooth connection, asking for a password to be typed to complete the connection. The keyboard is slightly smaller than a standard, and utilizes the iPad Case area very efficiently.

I managed to type nearly 50 wpm on this keyboard, as compared to my 65 wpm on a typical keyboard...and my 25 wpm I get on the onscreen iPad keyboard.  These numbers are probably a little skewed as I have had much more practice with the onscreen keyboard as compared to the hour or two I spend using this bluetooth keyboard.  The only downside is that the shift key is placed on the left side only of this keyboard.  I find in typing this review that I never use the left-pinky shift key...but I'm sure that I could adjust!

This bluetooth keyboard case has an on/off switch on the right-hand side of the keyboard to disengage it when you're playing Angry Birds HD!

The keyboard part of the case is hidden under a flap which doubles as a wrist-rest when unfolded...overall a very nice case opened up and closed.

Access to all of the iPad buttons is provided while the case is opened, and the bottom and top is exposed while the case is closed.

This case is only an eighth-inch thicker than my keyboardless DODOCase that I typically use. The ThinkGeek version is very rugged, stylish...and intelligently designed! My DODOCase actually cost more that this ThinkGeek keyboard case.

If you are looking for a keyboard case, I suggest you look not further... ThinkGeek has created an iPad case with an integrated bluetooth keyboard that is very functional and reasonably priced!

Check here for ThinkGeek's iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case which is available for less than $60!


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