Monday, November 15, 2010

PDF Highlighter For iPad

There are many, many, many PDF apps for the iPad...but the iPad PDF Highlighter really utilizes the iPad screen quite well.

You can underline, strikeout, highlight, or even add a sticky note to an item for reference. The sketching function works great, providing smooth lines even for those with a hangover, and you can of course adjust color and line-thickness.

To browse through the highlights or other markings you've made on the PDF, just hit a toolbar button and they show up neatly in an OS X style. Any saved PDF can be opened with a desktop pdf app with annotations remaining intact.

The little details are what really make this a great app. you can turn a page while zoomed in and the app shifts up to the top of the next page, ready to read. Page navigation is very nice as well... with a Pages-style setup showing thumbnail previews as you slide your finger across the navigation-bar at the bottom of the screen.

Documents can be imported from iTunes or your Dropbox – where changes can also be uploaded.

  • Intuitive text selection
  • Highlight, underline, or strike out selected text
  • Freehand sketches
  • Text notes
  • Annotations overview
  • Full text search
  • Thumbnail preview while using the page selection slider
  • Integrated browser for web links and Wikipedia lookup
  • Different paper colors and night mode (inverted display)
  • Document import from iTunes and other iOS apps
  • Dropbox integration including upload of annotated documents

If you use PDFs reqularly you should check out PDF Highlighter. It is $5 in the App Store.

I have been on journey for seeking the best PDF reader that is the same time giving the best highlighting feature. I have tried them all from cheap app such as good reader to the expensive one, papers. This PDF highlighter simply knocks them all. Not only it provides best highlighting experience (so smooth) but also it gives pleasant reading experience. When you swipe from one page to the next it automatically goes to the first line of the new page. So there is no need to scroll down which is really convenient. That alone is already a killer feature. Furthermore, there is option to check on wikipedia, invert page even change color of page!!

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