Friday, November 26, 2010

More Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPad

It appears that there is another reason to jailbreak your iPad, even if it is a tedious tethered jailbreak. If Apple leaves a good idea out in a version of iOS, expect the developers to finish the leap to convenience and efficiency.

So if you have an Apple TV like I do and have missed the ability to stream from Safari, the AirVideo app or StreamToMe is worth a download right now!

AirVideoEnabler enables video streaming to Apple TV's using AirPlay from any application, including Safari. Normally, AirPlay Video is restricted to the YouTube app. This tweak is now available in the Cydia Store

Apple changed the orientation lock button and made it a mute switch. Then, they put the orientation lock in the multitasking tray, which you can access with a single swipe to the right.

NoMute for iPad, available for free in Cydia now, makes the mute switch button an orientation lock button again.

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