Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Leather iPad Powis iCase Giveaway

Enter before midnight, Thursday December 2nd

The giveaway this week comes to us from Powis iCase...last week we gave you a Powis iCase Review and after using it exclusively through the holiday weekend... I am planning to order the Red Alligator Leather case to replace my DODOCase!

This one AGAIN is simple to enter...

Follow us @iPadJailbroken and Powis iCase at @powisparker by midnight... Thursday, December 2nd

Also, drop an email (giveaway@ipadjailbreak.com) and tell us what your favorite position is...keep it clean fellas, I meant the 9 positions of the Powis iCase!

Review snippet...

Overall, for the form and function that the Powis iCase offers for your iPad...it is reasonably priced. If you are seriously looking to get a DODOCase, definitely check this one out...it is as much a stand as it is an iPad case. But this can be accomplished with style if your go for the premium leather!


The Powis iCase starts at $49 for the printed laminated cover and goes to $79.95 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) for the premium leather option.


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