Thursday, November 25, 2010

iPad Powis iCase Review

What is your favorite your iPad...dirty minded readers!

Well I just received a Premium Leather Gold Floral Powis iCase for review and I am impressed. This sleek, stylish case could easily draw me away from the old reliable DODOCase I have used for the past many months.

Before I get too far, you definitely need to check out the full premium leather line at Powis iCase, there are lots of nice models...the red alligator skin iPad case looks awesome!

Looks alone are not is what's on the inside that counts right!

Well in opening up this new iPad case, I was immediately impressed with the rugged-ness of this iPad case. The iPad is held in securely with an internal snap design that quickly allows fo insert or remove your iPad easily. The external closure strap, appears much more rugged than most cases I've seen. My DODO Case strap is already getting stretched significantly...

There is also a business card holder that also holds an included microfiber screen wipe. My DODOCase doesn't do that...but lets move on!

Now I keep calling this an iPad case, but this case is a multitrick pony for sure. It has edges with enough friction to keep the iPad up at an angle. My DODOCase advertised this, but doesn't work on slick surfaces. The Powis iCase stands easily on my slick countertop.

Another trick this case has is an embedded stand in the back of the case to allow a couple other standing angles. I can stand open with the iPad in either portrait or landscape mode...again I am impressed that the Leather Powis iPad Case is only $79.95 as compared to the $60 I paid for the lackluster DODOCase.

In all...the PowisiCase boasts 9 positions for
  • Reading news
  • Watching a movie
  • Playing a game
  • Writing emails
  • Following a recipe
  • Searching the web
  • Presenting to a customer
  • Checking sports scores
  • Running your favorite app

You think you can do better than the premium leather options available..WHAT...well it looks like Powis iCase will be allowing you to customize your own soon as well.

Overall, for the form and function that the Powis iCase offers for your is reasonably priced. If you are seriously looking to get a DODOCase, definitely check this one is as much a stand as it is an iPad case. But this can be accomplished with style if your go for the premium leather!

The Powis iCase starts at $49 for the printed laminated cover and goes to $79.95 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) for the premium leather option.



  1. Totally agree! I love mine, got the black leather. Best case I have ever had.

  2. I have the Red Alligator Skin. Beautiful case and so sturdy! I love it.

  3. Browse through their vintage book IPAD collection, it is cool and is priced at $49.95. You can get a promotional $10 discount until Nov 30. You do need a code that can be obtained by searching powis icase from


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