Tuesday, November 9, 2010

iPad, iPhone App Analysis

While the price of the average App Store app price is rising overall, the average iPad price has gone up nearly 15% in the last 6 months, as compared to the iPhone’s modest 2% gains.

For an iPad app, the average cost is less than $5... but if you narrow your focus to the top 100 paid apps list...it costs $6 on average.

For the iPhone Apps, those margins are lower.. the average app is a little over $4, and if you look at iPhone apps in the top 100 paid, it probably costs even less at only around $2.

Comparing the average iPad app in the top 100 paid apps ($6) to the iPhone’s top 100 paid apps ($2). This is an additional 200% profit for the iPad app developer!

I think it would be easy to develop an iPad app and scale it down for the iPhone, and based on profit characteristics...it seems like the best idea!

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