Tuesday, November 2, 2010

iPad iOS 4.2 GoldMaster

Apple has released iOS 4.2 GM for all devices today (as well as Xcode 3.2.5 & iOS SDK 4.2 GM). Apple has kept it's promise of delivery in November for iPad iOS 4.2.

It looks like iOS 4.2 for iPad requires iTunes 10.1b.

iTunes 10.1 Beta 2, Mac OS X, 68.05MB

iTunes 10.1 Beta 2, Windows x86, 70.9MB

iTunes 10.1 Beta 2, Windows x64, 71.81MB

iOS 4.2 GoldMaster (iPad), 549MB

iOS 4.2 GM (iPhone 4), 624.27MB

iOS 4.2 GM (iPod Touch 4G), 608.65MB

GoldMaster” is software lingo for “finished”. Assuming that no horrible last minute discoveries occur, the GM is the same version that would be provided as Apple promised iOS 4 for the iPad in November.


  1. I have to have this...with my AppleTV!

  2. Worked great on my iPad...rockin iOS 4.2 now!

  3. Hey there i love your website. Can you place my website in your iPad JB friends list?

  4. Hello... i want downgrade my iPad for iOS4.2 and i need iTunes 10.1 Beta 2, but it seems not work. when I install itunes 10.1 beta 2 appear a message... This copy of iTunes was expired. Can you help?



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