Wednesday, November 3, 2010

iPad Chalk

Chalk is a pretty neat drawing tool for your iPad, it has a clean and simple user interface making it easy to get up and running quickly. Getting started...users select a red or white piece of chalk from the tray and can begin writing notes or drawing out their next invention. Grab the eraser if you make a mistake and remove anything you don’t want to keep, erase the whole chalkboard and hit reload in your browser if you want to start from scratch.

The entire app is done in HTML5, and there is nothing needed from the App store. Just visit, chalk designs will stay on your iPad even when you lose connection to your WiFi. 37signals built Chalk as side project they threw together in a few days, if you like Chalk but need more features 37signals also makes Draft.

There are many ways that Chalk is similar to 37Signals’ iPad app Draft, which is $10 and offers nearly identical functionality. Draft does have the ability to save and create multiple pages and includes nicer sharing options.

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