Monday, November 15, 2010

iPad Best Invention of 2010

Time Magazine has named the iPad on its list of The 50 Best Inventions of 2010 along with significant praise in the text for its listing in the Technology section.

How does Apple keep out-inventing the rest of the tech industry? Often, it’s by reinventing a product category that its competitors have given up on. In theory, the iPad is merely a follow-up to such resoundingly unpopular slate-style computers as Microsoft’s Tablet PC. But Apple is the first company that designed finger-friendly hardware and software from scratch rather than stuffing a PC into a keyboardless case. When it calls the results "magical" and "revolutionary," it’s distorting reality only slightly. One analyst says the iPad is the fastest-selling nonphone gizmo in consumer-electronics history.

Also on this list is the Flipboard App For is the only way I look at my Facebook or Twitter anymore!

Even if you dote on Facebook and Twitter, spending time with them can feel like getting pelted in the face by thousands of undifferentiated updates from your friends — exhilarating, perhaps, but also exhausting. The killer iPad app Flipboard ends the chaos by grabbing updates, photos and links from your friends and other interesting people, then reformatting everything in a wonderfully browsable, magazine-like format. You can also add feeds from your favorite blogs and websites and share items with friends via social media and e-mail. With its oversize images and crisp typography, it's a glossy digital publication that feels as if it's been edited by your pals just for you.

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