Monday, November 22, 2010

iOS 4.2 Released

On you can currently see that Apple is advertising that iOS 4.2 is here.

The long-awaited iOS update is available today to everyone using a post-3G iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The big features have been widely rumored, but Apple still managed to add a few surprises to this official release. The biggest upgrade if for use iPad users...finally catching up to the iPhone and iPod Touch that have been running iOS 4 for quite some time.

Multitasking, App Organization, Unified Email, Apple Game Center and AirPrint are finally available to iPad users!

My most anticipated feature was probably AirPlay, which was enabled through this iOS upgrade. AirPlay allows me to stream video and audio from my iPad to Apple TV, Finally!

Here is a great iOS 4.2 Detailed Review from MacStories

"iOS 4.2 is the update we’ve been waiting for. It unifies Apple’s devices under a single, consistent and fast operating system, but most of all turns the iPad into the device it should have been since April. A portable machine capable of streaming, multitasking and printing."

iOS 4.2 brings new features/fixes for the iPhone and iPod Touch as well...this update is really meant for iPad users though!

Here are a few of the new features for iPhone and iPod Touch:
  • AirPlay, AirPrint
  • FaceTime in Messages, via button
  • New Voice Memos icon
  • Volume Slider
  • Message tone to individual contacts
  • New sounds preferences
  • Like and Dislike Youtube videos
  • Safari Find in page
  • Redesigned alerts
  • New SMS tones


  1. does the jailbreak work or not for the ipad ios 4.2 ?

  2. What do you mean by "post 3g ipad"? Will this not work on my wifi only version?

  3. Probably a damn typo...


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