Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giveaway: iPad BlueTooth Keyboard Case

Enter before midnight tomorrow, Wednesday November 24th

The giveaway this week comes to us from ThinkGeek...last week we gave you a review of their iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case, and after using it through the weekend I wish I could keep it after my review!

This one AGAIN is simple to enter...

Follow us @iPadJailbroken and ThinkGeek at @thinkgeek by midnight... Wednesday, November 24th

Also, drop an email (giveaway@ipadjailbreak.com) with the number of Geek Points you earn if you buy this keyboard case from ThinkGeek!

This case is only an eighth-inch thicker than my keyboardless DODOCase that I typically use. The ThinkGeek version is very rugged, stylish...and intelligently designed! My DODOCase actually cost more that this ThinkGeek keyboard case.

If you are looking for a keyboard case, I suggest you look not further... ThinkGeek has created an iPad case with an integrated bluetooth keyboard that is very functional and reasonably priced!

Check here for ThinkGeek's iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case which is available for less than $60!

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