Monday, November 29, 2010

Galaxy Tab, Only Holiday Competition For iPad

The Galaxy Tab is the best Android tablet that's made production...but is still only half that of an iPad. Literally!

The Galaxy Tab tablet is the only clear threat to the iPad this holiday season. All of the other competitors (PlayBook, Kno, etc) are MIA for the holiday shopping spree...

I recently was at the YMCA and failed to notice a parent using a Dell Streak while their kid was getting a swim lesson. From my first impression of the Galaxy Tab, it falls into that category where it looks like an oversized Droid cell phone.

Things that are going for the Galaxy Tab; it offers a smaller/convenient size, Adobe Flash support, front and rear cameras, and Google's Android 2.2. The downside is that it doesn't have the sophisticated slim body of the iPad. The Tab has rounded corners, but its blocky feel makes it tough to pick up from a flat surface.

All of these things above will likely be included in the iPad 2 in the coming months, with the exception of Flash for obvious reasons. The Tab was also unsuccessful in providing a "better battery" for their Tablet.

The iPad needs to have some competition, there just isn't a Big Mac to compete with this Whopper!

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