Friday, November 19, 2010

Carbon Fiber iPad 2

Today has been a busy rumor day for iPad 2 components, too bad the next-gen iPad won't make it before the holidays...just make it my Valentines day present! :)

The unibody aluminum construction isn't only stylish, it serves the function of also being very sturdy and ultra-thin. If this new patent published by the USPTO is anything to go by, future iPads might trade in their famous aluminum shell for an ultra-strong carbon fiber.

“Reinforced Device Housing” as it describes as an outer casing for an electronic device composed of “layered fiber-in-matrix type material,” or a carbon fiber re-inforced polymer. You can see from the illustration, they seem to use the back shell of an iPad in a patent illustration.

This may for a redesign of the OtterBox Defender iPad Case...either that or it will cause a rash of Aluminum Unibody iPad 2 cases being developed!

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