Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sprint Like The iPad

I'm thinking they like their Overdrive 4G HotSpot...

And the iPad WiFi model is a perfect fit...maybe they can lighten up the iPad a little more without the 3G capability.

GigaOm asked Hesse about its relationship with Apple and if there was anything in the works for the iPhone:

What about the iPhone? After all, iPad and iPhone seem to go hand in hand. When I joked with Hesse about how (unlike every other U.S. wireless company) his company wasn’t publicly linked to the iPhone, he declined to comment and politely added that Sprint doesn’t comment on its relationship with vendors and the conversations it has with third parties.

For now, the Overland, Kan.-based wireless carrier is betting on two major smart phone platforms: BlackBerry and Android.

Sprint also has its Simply Everything plans, which bundle voice minutes, data and messaging into some attractive and competitive packages.

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