Monday, October 18, 2010

OS X 10.7: Back To The Mac

There is little information available about the next big update to OS X, 10.7 or “Lion,” which may be previewed at Steve Jobs’ special “Back To The Mac” press event on Wednesday.

Some are getting overly excited and letting their imaginations run away a little bit. Features being suggested are an App Store designed for the Mac, multi-touch controls, and iOS apps instead of the not-so-popular Dashboard.

Here's an interesting list of 10.7 improvements complied by OS X Daily

iChat + FaceTime: A no-brainer. I expect FaceTime will hit Windows shortly, too, putting the shits up Skype.

Mac App Store: Nope. No benefit to Apple and too alien to ‘open’ computing. The PR shit-storm would be massive and the benefits would be non-existent.

Stronger Multi-Touch Integration: Only in the sense of more gestural stuff nicked from iOS. This is not full-on iOS integration. iOS is a touchscreen-based OS, and so it won’t work with a pointer, even if you’ve got a multitouch trackpad. The level of abstraction is just totally wrong.

iOS replaces Dashboard: Er, no, unless that dreadful ‘iMac with bendy neck’ rumor is true (meaning Jobs and Ive have been smoking some serious crack).

Cloud Support: I bloody well hope so. But Apple’s proven for years now that it doesn’t have a damn clue about cloud-based computing/back-up/sync. If this does happen, I’ll be amazed if it doesn’t require £$€¥.

Updated Finder: They say: tabs! High-res icons! Automatic file-tagging and sorting! And other advanced file management features! I say: Apple wants Finder to be simple, not Path Finder.

Updated Dock: They mention a scrollable stack fan? *blorch* I expect some pilfering from Windows 7, but not a scrollable fan. (Again: *blorch*)

New GUI: Likely, albeit in Apple’s typically botched manner. Expect some apps to be updated and Apple’s 50 billion other UI experiments to stick around like bad smells.

Real NTFS Support: Don’t know. Don’t care either.

Advanced AirPlay Support: A no-brainer.

Hopefully, they won't have to quickly release a Snow Lion!

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