Monday, October 25, 2010

Obama Signed iPad

Sylvester Cann of Seattle managed to get President Obama to sign his iPad during a rally at the University of Washington earlier this week.

The young man simply launched Adobe’s Ideas and quickly drew a picture that reads: “Mr. President, sign my iPad”, in order to get the president to sign his iPad.

Secret Service wasn't at all thrilled at the idea, but an amused President Obama complied and used his finger to leave his autograph on Cann’s iPad.

Generally, the President doesn't sign autographs along the ropeline because pens can be used for harm, so I thought I would try to hand him my iPad with a message on it saying, "Mr. President, sign my iPad".

He looked at it for a second and then used his left hand to sign.

It was kinda funny because he looked up and gave me a big grin afterwards as if he thought it was pretty cool too.

This has to be the first time the iPad has received a Presidential autograph on the ropeline.

A few funny things to notice:
1. Look at the secret service behind him shake his head at first
2. Listen to me say, "can you sign it with your finger?" at around 0:17
3. Reggie Love apparently found it pretty funny as well by the way he is looking over the President's shoulder
4. If you see the actual autograph, notice how there is a small black mark in the lower right corner, I had to give him a demo on how it works.
5. I wasn't able to fit "please" on there when I was asking, so I apologize Mr. President for what may seem like a command.

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