Monday, October 18, 2010

MacBook Air: Back To The Mac

During Wednesday's "Back To The Mac" event, Steve Jobs will likely introduce OS X 10.7 "Lion" and redesigned 13.3 inch MacBook Air with a bigger battery, more ports...hopefully thinner and lighter as well!

The new model is also apparently much snappier than its underpowered predecessor. ”It boots so fast, it’s unbelievable,” via Cult Of Mac source “It’s amazing how fast it boots up.”

Things that will get me to buy the new MacBook Air...

Better Battery, with 8-10 hours of battery life just like my iPad. The current MacBook Air has a 5-hour battery.

Thinner and lighter, less than 3lbs (how about less than 2!) to allow my iPad and MacBook Air to be carried around at less than 5lbs!

At least 2 USB ports, HDMI is not really necessary if AirPlay is available!

2GB or RAM is the minimum, but would prefer 4GB!

NVidia GeForce 320M just like the MacBook

Price below $1200 would get me to buy one of these with the afore mentioned requirements. In the market for either a MacBook or Air, I'd take the current 13" MacBook as an Air for the same price of $1199!

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