Thursday, October 28, 2010

iPad Foof Case Review

These awesome foof cases are available for $28 AUD or around $26 US dollars. Check out their line at the recommend the BlueBone Irish Tweed case!


I was really excited when a package from Australia arrived this was my foof case and it was exactly what I was expecting. The FoofShop has had a reputation for providing a very nice, snug MacBook and iPhone/iPod foof to haul your Apple devices in. The first thing I wanted to test was how snug the iPad was inside of the foof. So I put my iPad inside and held it upside-down by the corner of the foof case, without gripping the iPad through the case...

The 2 review samples I received were the Black As Night (100% cotton wide-wale corduroy) and the BlueBone (100% Lambswool Irish Tweed). My iPad fit perfectly inside the foof case, the interior seemed to scrub my fingerprints clean off for my next iPad session.

These cases are very rugged and can be turned inside out with ease. Your foof can be washed, your foof care instructions are readily available as well.

Machine Wash Instructions
  • Machine Wash (gentle cycle)
  • Use cold or warm (less than 40°) water
  • Wash separately
  • Do NOT use bleach or wring
  • Warm tumble dry OK
  • Steam iron ONLY:
  • 100% cotton, corduroy or denim

Machine wash may shrink certain tweed products. You can either dry clean OR gentle cold handwash and dry flat.

Kimono fabrics can be touch/spot cleaned, using a water dampened cloth.

What is the inner lining?
Sherpa fleece, which is made from acrylic and polyester, but feels and looks like a sheep's fleece. It's bonded to faux suede (polyester) and a 3mm layer of foam (non compressing).

Will the inner lining scratch, fluff or pill?

No, it's plush and high quality. It won't pill, it won't shred and definitely will not scratch.

I would love to have one of these for my Macbook Air, it would be perfect for traveling with my new MBA. Mine is a 13.3" and would likely fit in the Standard 13" MB Pro foof, but I'm gonna ask the foof guys what the suggest.

Overall, this foof case is a very fine and well constructed case. These guys have been doing it for many years now and have got these cases down to a science. I really couldn't find anything negative to say about this case. My wife said the Irish Tweed case couldn't be washed...but that just further proves these are high end, quality cases. My wife is just never happy... :)

These awesome foof cases are available for $28 AUD or around $26 US dollars. Check out their line at the

Watch for your GIVEAWAY of these Foof cases next week!

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  1. the MacBook Air sizes (13.3 and 11.6) have their own snug foofbag cases, that is; they won't fit the standard MBP 13 foofbag. These new Air foofbags will be introduced during November. (follow our twitter @foofshop for announcements).


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