Tuesday, October 5, 2010

iPad App Review: SkeeBall HD

SkeeBall HD includes high definition graphics and looks great on my iPad. The physics engine is very good and makes the game feels as close as possible to the real arcade game. The game is a lot of fun, but some of the prizes you earn are not usable. The iPad version is easier to control than the iPhone version, likely due to the extra screen room.

If you've never played SkeeBall, you need to get out more! Simply swipe the ball up the ramp into the points locations. Each game earns you tickets, which can be redeemed for different prizes. SkeeBall HD duplicate the physics of a real game, bringing you back to the county fair you were at as a kid. The game features HD quality graphics and offers a 3D style background. After practice, you can tilt your iPad for spin/tricks or try other harder shots.

All time arcade and iPhone® favorite, Skee-Ball, is now optimized and ready to roll for the iPad!

Highly addictive and just as easy to pick up and play as the original, Skee-Ball HD by Graveck and released by Freeverse brings the fun of the boardwalk to life! Realistic, satisfying physics and amazing 3D graphics come to life in HD. With new Prize Packs, bigger loot shelves and new balls, you can experience your favorite App like never before

Flick the Skee-Ball up the ramp and into the numbered holes to win points, tickets, and achievements that you can brag about through the Plus+ network.


Brand New Content: Skee-Ball HD features new lanes, balls, and goodies in its brand spankin' new Prize Packs!

Outrageous Collectibles: Redeem tickets for awesome prizes that include custom Skee-Balls like the Moo Ball, Sun Ball, Dinosaur Egg Ball, and must-have oddities like Vampire Teeth, Peruvian Flute Band CD, New Zealand, and more than 80 other amazing goodies!

Incredible Physics: Console-quality physics delivered by the NVIDIA PhysX

Pick Up And Play Goodness: Easy to learn and easy to love -- simply flick your finger across the screen to bowl, and aadd spin by tilting the iPad

World-wide Competition: Compete for global domination in high scores and ticket accumulation leader boards through the Plus+ network

SkeeBall HD is available for $1.99 from the App Store

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