Thursday, October 28, 2010

iPad App Review, Printer Pro

This app prints on my network Epson MFP without any configuration. Also I like that Printer Pro can print from any application using 'Open In' feature or clipboard. Works great with Penultimate (by copying to clipboard image note from Send Page dialog) and Notes app.

With Printer Pro you can print:
  • Email Attachments
  • iWork documents
  • Web pages
  • Files from other applications
  • Clipboard content
  • Photos
  • Documents on Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk and GoogleDocs
  • Contacts

Printer Pro is a very good wireless printing option for the iPad. It recognized my HP Photosmart Plus wireless printer without a hitch and with zero effort on my part – and it allows me to print just about anything I care to think of from my iPad.

It will be interesting to see how good Apple’s own AirPrint wireless printing solution is when the public release of iOS 4.2 comes out – and whether 3rd party apps like Printer Pro will have a future once it does. I may test this soon if I decide I’m OK with running a pre-release version of Mac OS X on my MacBook Pro (this is required to make AirPrint work with the betas I’m running on the iPad).

Check out this full review at Just Another iPad Blog

Available for $7 from the app store

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