Friday, October 8, 2010

Etch-A-Sketch iPad Case Review

A few weeks ago, I gave you a preview of the HeadCase iPad Etch-A-Sketch Case. Well I received one for review and to giveaway to my readers yesterday...

It is available from Headcase for $39.00

Even the packaging is the coolest I've seen for an iPad Case. Don't really want to throw the box away... (and won't since I'll be sending this to one of you lucky readers!)

This Etch-A-Sketch iPad case is officially licensed from the Ohio Art Company, but it was made for your iPad, which a little smaller and thinner than the Etch-A-Sketch that my daughter plays with. There are cutouts for the home button and the ambient light sensor (yes, that's what it is) on the top.

The back of the case has a hole to allow your Apple logo to shine through, in-case they thought you were playing with a child's toy for the past hour. One the back there are a couple integrated kick stands on the back to lift your iPad up an inch or so for counter reading. These could be a little longer, but they are nice to have and don't increase the size of the case.

The hard shell is very snug around the outside of the iPad, and takes a focused effort to remove it from the case. Headcase was smart in requiring the torque of a nickel in a 1/2 inch slot to free your iPad. This helps the case snap tightly, with no concern that it will let go of your iPad.


This is one of the most interesting cases that I've ran across, and I immediately requested a review/giveaway sample. Headcase captured the nostalgia perfectly with this case, it reminds me of the hours I used to play with my magnetic toy as a kid. The only real downside is that it doesn't conceal my iPad while at work very well...but I guess this case isn't meant to be overlooked!  This Etch-A-Sketch case is well worth the $39, and comes in much lower than many of the other cases that I've reviewed.

Watch for a giveaway late next week for this awesome case!

It is available from Headcase for $39.00

From Headcase:

Now, the Worlds Favorite Drawing Toy®, the Etch A Sketch®, and the world’s most revolutionary product, the iPad, have come together in the form of Headcase’s officially licensed Etch A Sketch® iPad case. Celebrate Etch A Sketch®’s 50th anniversary and be the coolest kid in the conference room!

But the Etch A Sketch® iPad case is more than just cool! It is specially designed to protect and enhance your iPad. Made of impact resistant plastic, the Etch A Sketch® iPad case will help protect your iPad. Rubber feet and a felt backing gently cradle your iPad inside the Etch A Sketch® case. Strategically placed windows throughout the Etch A Sketch® iPad case allow for easy use of all your iPad switches, ports, and buttons. And retractable kick stands allow you to either lay your iPad flat, or angle it for easy use of the iPad keyboard.

Yes! Your Etch A Sketch® iPad case is incredibly functional and durable, especially when compared to other iPad cases currently available. But who are we kidding? Buy it because it is fun. Hey, with over 150 million Etch a Sketches sold, the whole world will recognize and love this iPad case.

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