Monday, October 4, 2010

Bamboo iPad Case

The case isn’t heavy, it’s actually fairly lightweight, but the rigid feel was unexpected considering it’s made from bamboo. Dragon Moss uses natural wood or bamboo for their cases while interiors are lined with a soft fabric material to provide some extra protection and keep your iPad scratch-free. The case has smooth natural curves and a clear coat gives the case a nice shine which provides a layer of protection.

The case has cutouts for all the iPad ports and controls giving you full access to everything while the iPad is inside. This design also allows for easy docking and charging without having to take the iPad out of the case.

100% solid bamboo.

This represents the bare essence of what a case should do. It will protect your iPad from scratches and provides an understated expression of the beauty of minimal aesthetics. The tactile feel of natural bamboo combined with the raw patina and grain of the material makes an elegant statement of the artistry of nature itself. Comes with the matching bamboo stand for both the case and the iPad. Keep your case plain or put your own designs yourself, it's up to you.

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