Tuesday, October 12, 2010

App Hall Of Fame

The App Hall Of Fame announced today the first 12 inductees. This appears to be focused on iPhone apps, but many of these are awesome as well on the iPad.

"We want to help carry the torch for the spectacular applications released in the past that may have been forgotten in this fast moving world of app sales and promotions. Our committee has years of experience looking at, writing about, and – in some cases – developing apps."

Angry Birds HD

A great all around package, frequent updates, and a delightfully cute store made this a top seller and multi-platform hit. There's even talk of an Angry Birds movie.

Released By:

Flight Control HD

Flight Control is an innovative game that started the line drawing genre craze. While there have been many imitators, Flight Control still rocks the genre with fun and delightful gameplay.

Released By:

Doodle Jump

An innovator in both the infinite jump and doodle art style, Doodle Jump is a hugely popular casual game.

Released By:
Lima Sky


Shazam has the miraculous ability to recognize the music you are hearing in just a few seconds. Restaurants, bars, movies, all of those mystery songs you hear can now be easily tagged.

Released By:
Shazam Entertainment Ltd.


Organization has never been so well done. Evernote the multi-platform information manager rocks!

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Plants vs. Zombies HD

Taking the tower defense genre and turning it on it's side. This in-depth game really rules the garden.

Released By:
PopCap Games, Inc.

Pandora Radio

Your personalized radio station wherever you are. Pandora Radio uses the music genome project to personalize radio based on your musical tastes.

Released By:
Pandora Media, Inc.


Simplenote is a delightfully simple app that allows you to keep your text notes easily organized on your iOS device or on the desktop and features a quick and easy automatic sync.

Released By:

Twitter HD

Originally known as Tweetie, the official Twitter app innovates the mobile UI in many ways.

Released By:
Twitter, Inc.


Easily and quickly keep track of web pages you want to read and convert them to a mobile friendly version.

Released By:
Marco Arment

Homerun Battle 3D

Sure, it's a fun 3D baseball game, but it's the multiplayer that really makes this a hall of fame hit.

Released By:
Com2uS Corp.


The most accessible tower defense game on iOS is one of the best. Delightfully designed and balanced, Fieldrunners has continued to be innovative in a very crowded genre.

Released By:
Subatomic Studios

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  1. Nice to see Apple giving Espgaluda notice like that :) . Certainly been an overlooked game.


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