Tuesday, September 21, 2010

VLC iPad App Review

Apple has approved VLC Media Player for iPad, an app that plays a many movie formats which were not originally supported by the iPads basic video player.

VLC has been a popular app on the Mac, and is capable of playing a wide range of media formats at high resolutions. An early sneak peek at the VLC for iPad app a couple weeks ago showed it was the most polished video player I had seen.

Many consumers get movies and TV shows through alternative means, meaning they’d have to go through the trouble of converting files to be iTunes-compatible via iPad Magic or iPad Mate.

Approving VLC eliminates these conversion timess and opens the door for some serious competition with iTunes video rentals. If may turn out that third-party apps can indeed use AirPlay, a new feature that enables iOS devices to wirelessly stream content to the AppleTV.

More on transferring video files to iPad for VLC is available here!

VLC Media Player is available for FREE from the iTunes App Store


  1. This was not much of a review. Does it play .mkv files? How do i get the video files on the ipad? Wow.

  2. Sorry, made the assumption you already knew how to do this on your iPhone or with CineXplayer!

    To use VLC to play your files, you need to go to iTunes, click the Apps tab, and then in the 'File sharing' section, select VLC and then 'Add'. You can then browse the files on your computer to choose which ones you want to stick on the iPad.


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