Thursday, September 9, 2010

VLC For iPad

This is the most exciting iPad app news for quite some time...

VLC, the play-anything video client for OS X, Windows, Linux and more, is coming to the iPad. The application has been ported to the tablet and is already sitting on line in the App Store approval queue. It should be available next week.

VLC is an open-source media-player maintained by a bunch of French school-kids, as well as anyone else who wants to help. The iPad version has been ported by developer Applidium, and will, like other versions of the app, be free.

VLC is the grandaddy of video playback. It will play just about any file you choose to throw at it, supports subtitles and even streaming.

“VLC is an OpenSource project. We are currently preparing our patches for submission to the main VLC tree. And obviously, we will release our current working tree when the app will hit the AppStore,”

I’ll definitely have a full review as soon as the app is made available...assuming Apple approves it!

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