Thursday, September 2, 2010

Undo Your iPad Jailbreak

I have gotten a couple requests for instructions on Un-Jailbreaking your are the instructions.

Since it was just announced that iOS 4 will be coming to iPad in November, according to many of your will be interested in un-jailbreaking your iPad in preparation for this update. If Apple will be handling your device for any reason, you should probably unjailbreak it to maintain your warranty as well!


All you need is your device’s latest firmware file, and make sure you’ve backed up—you’re going to lose everything.
  • Plug your iPad into your PC/Mac and open up iTunes
  • Shift-click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac) the “Restore” button in your iTunes iPad device summary page. Find the firmware that you’ve downloaded, and restore.
  • After this is complete, iTunes will ask you if you want to set up your iPad as a "New" device, or from a previously stored backup. If your goal is to return to a life before jailbreak, you’re probably going to want to restore.

 If you forgot to back-up your device (DOH!), you may end up with iOS 3.2.2 on your iPad and will be stuck without a Jailbreak until at least November since the Dev Team appears to be waiting for iOS 4 to jailbreak.

Hopefully the iOS4 iPad Jailbreak will be available for the iPad before Thanksgiving!


  1. Thank you I can't wait

  2. exscuse me, i've jailbroken my ipad with limera1n. Now to unjb it can i run limera1n (from ipad) and set "unistall", instead of do this? 'cause i'm not so good in this things and i'm afraid in break it. and then before doing the update is there a way to save all app-data like records and savegames?? =P
    (sorry for my english xD)

  3. Do you see any problems with installing 4.2 directly over the 3.2 jailbreak?


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