Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thank You Visitors

I just realized that we haven't thanked our visitors in quite some time...unless you include the giveaways that we've hosted! :)

Previously, we reported that 4% of visitors were using an iPad at our site.

That was a couple million iPad's ago...and now that more and more people are using their iPad for casual browsing, we decided to look at this again.

In August, there were 211,649 visitors to (Thank you all so much, I wish that we had enough iPads to giveaway to each and every one of you!)

*See Here For Our Most Current Giveaway!*

Well now iPadJailbreak is getting 19% (41,000) of our visitors from iPads....probably not as good as has done with iPad Traffic! ;)

But we are still thrilled...and hope all your iPad users will drop a comment here to discuss improvements you'd like for our site!

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