Tuesday, September 14, 2010

POS iPad Stand

It’s a stand for the iPad, of course it is called the iStand!

The stand is aimed at POS (point-of-sale) use and holds the iPad at a browsing height to allow customers to flip through department catalogs, menus, or any kind of information.


The iStand has room for a dock-cable and bolts enclose around the iPad. It also covers the home button to prevent jailbreaking, so you’d better be sure you have launched the right app before you lock it up.

  • Supports Apple iPad
  • Comes in silver as standard (alternative colors can be delivered on request)
  • Front cover (covers the home button)
  • Height: 130cm
  • Swivel: 180 degrees swivel of the head (up to 90 degrees on each side)
  • Comes with bolts to fasten cover
  • Possibility of horizontal mounting
  • Hole for 3.5-mm mini-jack
  • Hole in top for sleep/wake button
  • Hole for 30-pin dock connector

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