Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Version Of Twitter For iPad

It took a while, but it looks like the "official Twitter" app for the iPad is finally available.

The user interface design, like Twitter on the iPhone, is simple and attractive.

There is one additional feature that could be annoying at times. If you click on a tweet with a link in it, a new window slides into view, and automatically loads the link. This could seem chaotic, especially if links are triggered automatically and you weren't really interested in visiting the link.

There is a lot of poor reviews that claim crashing, etc...

Looks like about 3.5 stars so far, even with the update issues.

What's New In Version 3.1

What is Twitter for iPad? And how is it different from our iPhone app?
Twitter for iPad brings your Tweets together with web pages, photos, videos and more. Tap on any tweet, and a related content pane will open, displaying any linked content from the tweet, including web pages, profile information, hashtag searches and similar users. Slide panels from side to side and quickly navigate through related content.

There's also easy ways to quickly peek into a tweet
Pinch on a tweet to quickly unfold related information and actions
Use two fingers to drag on tweet and reveal replies

As always, You don't need a Twitter account, just download the application and try out all the categories we've created for you and give it a spin.

iPad Twitter 3.1 is available for FREE from the Apple App Store

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