Friday, September 10, 2010

Kno Pricing - Rumors

Kno’s is essentially two oversized iPads on a giant 180 degree hinge. It has dual 14 inch touchscreens which are stylus compatible. You can keep separate for a textbook or multi-screen layout, combine to a single widescreen display, or fold back for a single tablet.

The Kno is expected to include a 16GB hard drive and an NVidia Tegra 2 processor. You may compare it to the Microsoft Courier (Scrapped) or a larger version of the Toshiba Libretto. The Libretto price was a warning sign... Kno needs to keep their price under $1000. Toshiba’s mini version of the Kno started at $1100.

Kno’s CEO Osman Rashid has raised a lot of venture capital money, brokered deals with most of the major textbook publishers, and already has one education-market success with textbook-rental service Chegg. He’s been making the rounds, giving interviews talking up the product.

This Kno may prevent a lot of college student back problems in the future!

I kno I'll take a 2nd look at the Kno...hopefully the next iPad will be a dual touchscreen MacBook Air!

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