Wednesday, September 1, 2010

iPod Touch Facetime and 3G?

Apple is holding their special media event today at 10am Pacific...

Get your Apple iDevices out and start streaming!

Below are some of the expected rumors to be discussed for today’s special Apple event:

Announcement of a new iPod Touch with camera(s)...Apple will likely announce a new iPod Touch with Retina Display and FaceTime support. Features in iOS 4.1 indicate that FaceTime calling will be available to email addresses as well!

iPod Nano/Shuffle with touch screen - Many rumors of a touch screen iPod Nano or Shuffle have been circulating the news. We’ve seen several leaked images and videos (click here) of different case designs hinting that the new iPod Nano/Shuffle will include a touch screen.

Lots of rumors regarding the Apple TV update, which could be a next generation Apple TV based on iOS. Rumored to be priced at only $99... and support from the App Store. Apple has been in negotiations with Fox TV and ABC to bring them on board prior to announcing the 99 cent rentals of content and TV shows from the iTunes store.

Let's hope their service provider doesn't let Apple down, especially as a live stream increases exposure!

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